A year in review Pt. 2

Last Monday I filled you in on my January, February & March  so I guess that means today is reserved for April, May & June. I'm really enjoying this because I'd forgotten how much fun I had this year. I wish I'd kept up with my blog a bit more. 

Some friends of ours bought a house and we enjoyed many a bonfire there.
Fishing season opened with a bang. Actually it opened with a busted motor on the boat and an early morning trip to the store to get a new one. 
I left my old job at the Spa and started my new job as a CNA.
And we moved into our cabin by the lake!!!

The beef and I went on a fishing road trip around the state and I didn't catch anything big.
We spent time on drinking on boats even though it was freezing.
More camping.
And MORE camping. Also lots of ticks which kind of put a damper on my desire to go camping.


I put on a batman shirt, got wasted & turned 28. (I also had a tiara at one point)
I made a headboard
We went to Orion fest where is that time that I saw God.
And I spent more time enjoying the lake and relaxing in cool hawaiian shirts.

Not a bad second quarter now that I think about it, in fact, I had a friggen blast. I wonder what I don't remember from July, August & September. 


  1. Your year is awesome. I am jealous of all your camping (ticks be damned). I haven't camped since like 2008. My husband hates the great outdoors, but I have already informed him that he is forced to camp once Betty is old enough.

    Also I love your In-Tents shirt.

    1. Go camping, do it as much as you can. I feel like it's a dying past time and that makes me sad. It gets harder and harder every year to find a place that has good options for tents. I just can't stand going in an RV it feels like cheating to me. My parents took me camping when I was 3 months old because they're hardcore. lol