I can't believe it took this long to share this

I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not but I'm kind of a big fan of penguins. Not real penguins, but cartoon penguins, specifically ones with hats on. I know this makes me sound like a crazy person, but whatever, we're all friends here. The nice thing about this weird little obsession of mine is that it almost seems normal at Christmas time and that's really the only time you'll seem indulge. I figured I'd mention this because I'm about to share my inside Christmas decorations with you and I didn't want you to wonder why there were so many penguins. Also keep in mind that this is only about 1/2 of my Christmas decorations as the rest are still in storage because I like having room to walk though my house. 

 Super comfy penguin pillow. Mistletoe conviently hung over the bedroom door. 
Super fun candy cane wreath I made. Fabric square that was last years xmas craft project.
Mr. & Mrs. Claus inherited from my grandparent flaking my bathroom.
Amazing Santa cookie jar. Why is it amazing? Well, my mom had one just like it when I was growing up. Eventually she gave it to me and I just loved it to death. A few years ago I accidentally broke it and no matter how much glue I used there was just no saving it. I was completely crushed, then one day I walked into a thrift store and there it was, just waiting for me to bring it home. My plushy penguin friend that I like to call Topper, who happens to be sporting a very flashy scarf that my BFF Fishy knitted for him.

Here you can see my love for tacky cheese at war with my down home sensibilities. 

 One day I'm going to an Elf on a Shelf terror.
Giant nutcracker and stocking holder b/c I'm still without a fireplace.
Santa collection photo bombed by another elf.
Another fabric square from last year.

Random Christmas items lining the window sill in the kitchen. Most of them nearly as old as me.

 These pot holders are up all year long, I just turn them around to try and hide the Christmas.

2 new additions this year in the form of the door mat and the adorable toilet rugs that I need to alter so they fit completely. The soap dispenser is an old friend you might remember from my old pink bathroom. 

Our little tree that I had to get this year because the one I normally use is just too damn big for the living room. It serves its purpose but I really really miss the gigantic one.
And of course us being full of Christmas spirit cheese.

Do you go nuts decorating inside too? Do you prefer tacky or traditional decorations? 

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