Tastes like chicken!

Duddits' biggest reason for hunting is that it saves him a trip to the grocery store. He isn't going to stop eating meat so he might as well go out and get it himself, what could be more organic than that?


3 squirrels (1/2lb of chicken for the faint of heart)
12 cups water
1 bay leaf
1/2lb bacon
1 cup lima beans
1 cup whole kernel corn
4 medium potatoes
2 cups tomatoes (chopped)
1 medium onion (chopped)
1 tbsp sugar
½ tsp black pepper
½ cup butter
Salt & Pepper to taste

Bring water and bay leaf to a boil
Put 3 squirrels in water and boil for 1.5 hours or until tender, skimming off any scum that might accumulate

Remove bay leaf and discard
Remove squirrels and pull the meat from the bones

Reserve liquid in pot
Chop the meat and put it back into the pot

Cut bacon into 1-inch strips and add to pot (You can cut whole package instead o dealing with individual slices, especially when bacon is well chilled or partly frozen)

Add onion

Let simmer for 2 hours removing scum if any accumulates
Add lima beans, corn and potatoes and tomatoes

Simmer for 2 hours stirring from time to time
Mix butter and flour into paste balls

Bring stew to a quick boil and add paste balls

Reduce heat and stir for 10 minutes
 Test for seasoning and add salt or pepper if desired
Should be served hot but is even better when heated up the next day!

We were really glad that we halved this recipe, we split it when it was done and it lasted me a week!


Psssh, who cares about shark week?

Searching the internet will tell you that January 21st 2011 will be the 10th Annual Squirrel Appreciation Day or  Red Squirrel Week is October 2 - 10  in the UK this year. Still inspired by by shark week and the fact that Wednesday is opening day of Squirrel season up in these parts, I've decided (with the help of my pal Duddits) to mix things up a bit. So we're proud to announce:

Oh yes, you read that right, an entire week devoted to squirrels! Unless you live in Australia chances are you've had an encounter with these enchanting little critters. So away we go!

To kick off squirrel week here are some facts about squirrels courtesy of our DEP:

The gray squirrel is the largest and most common of the Connecticut squirrels. The back and sides of its coat are silver-gray in color and the underparts are white. Various color phases occur in this species, including several shades of black and red. Its broad, bushy tail is about the length of its head and body combined.

 Gray squirrels occur from southern Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario to Florida, west into eastern Texas, and north into southern Manitoba. They have been introduced into Washington, British Columbia, and Vancouver Island.

Gray squirrels mate in late winter and spring. After a 44-day gestation period, females give birth to a litter of two to seven young. They are blind and helpless at birth but are weaned and somewhat independent at eight to 10 weeks of age. The second litter is usually born in July. The nest is often in a tree cavity or constructed of leaves suspended in the treetops. These leaf nests are also used for temporary protection against inclement weather or predators.

The gray squirrel has always been numerous throughout the state inhabiting deciduous woodlands, when abundant, yet able to adapt and disperse as these woodlands were cleared for houses, agriculture, and industry.

  These tree-dwelling rodents are agile climbers and jumpers. They have keen senses of sight, smell, and hearing and are alert, nervous and wary, especially on the ground. When danger is near, they quickly retreat to the safety of the trees. Gray squirrels are somewhat sociable and can tolerate other squirrels nearby.

The gray squirrel is active year-round but needs tree cavities for shelter during harsh weather. In the fall, gray squirrels gather and bury, at random, a winter food supply. This food supply is usually recovered as needed, by sniffing the ground until a buried nut is found.

In a few years, populations of gray squirrels can change dramatically. During successive years of good acorn production, squirrel populations may reach high levels. If food supplies are low the population may decrease substantially. Historically, there have been reports of extensive migrations of squirrels. An extensive migration of gray squirrels in Connecticut was reported in 1933, when 1,000 or more swam across the Connecticut River between Hartford and Essex. Although the exact cause of these migrations is unknown, most likely it was a result of a limited food supply.

 Most complaints about squirrels are from homeowners with squirrels in their houses. Squirrels will readily take up residence in a building if access to sheltered areas such as eaves and attic crawl spaces is available. Gnawing, scratching, and pattering sounds, in early morning or daylight hours, usually signal their presence. Balls of torn insulation, cardboard, and dried leaves and twigs may pinpoint nests, but nests and young may be totally concealed within eaves or wall spaces. Squirrels in house eaves and attics can damage insulation and electrical wiring and should be removed.
When blocking holes to prevent squirrels and other animals from gaining access, be sure that none are trapped inside. Adults can cause severe damage by chewing to regain entrance to reach their young. If chewing persists, heavy, half-inch wire mesh can be temporarily placed over the problem area. Trimming shrubs and vines and pruning overhanging tree limbs may discourage squirrels from causing problems in the home. In easily accessible areas, squirrels may be evicted by carefully applying an odor repellent like mothballs. Bright lights or noise from radios may also help.
Squirrels are highly excitable and can cause severe damage if trapped inside a building. When frightened, they tend to run around a room with reckless abandon, knocking over anything in their way. By quickly and quietly opening a door or window to the outside and leaving the room, you will give the squirrel its best chance to get out.

To free a squirrel trapped in a chimney, lower a heavy rope down the chimney to provide a means for the animal to climb out. Drop the other end of the rope to the ground to avoid another trip to the roof to retrieve it after the squirrel has left.

Another major complaint about squirrels is the disruption they may cause at bird feeders. Feeders should be placed in an area where squirrels cannot gain access to them, far away from shrubs and overhanging tree branches. Mounting the feeder on a metal pole at least six feet high and attaching a metal, cone-shaped baffle to the pole will help prevent squirrels from reaching it. Hanging feeders are not recommended, since squirrels will climb down the hanger wire or will shake the wire until the food falls to the ground.

Live-trapping gray squirrels, using metal box traps at least two feet long is often the most effective way to remove them. Place traps, baited with apple chunks, peanut butter, or various nuts, in heavily traveled routes or on rooftops, along porch railings, or within the attic. Once trapped, squirrels should be quickly removed from cages and released.


It's Friday I'm in love.

Even though I have to work tomorrow I still like Fridays, probably because everyone around me seems in a better mood knowing the end of the week is here. In an attempt to make today even more pleasant I'd decided to blog about what are arguably the top five things that I love.

So away we go!

#5 Televised Sports:
I love yelling at the TV whether it be Baseball, Football (College or Professional), Hockey (College or Professional), NASCAR or Poker I'll probably jump around the room yelling or cheering about something. I actually typically prefer to watch at home instead of going to a game for two reasons. 1) There are no lines for my bathroom 2) Lots of yelling and jumping around draws the attention of people who like to talk trash and that's just not my bag.

#4 Frank Sinatra
Look at that face, how could you resist? I know I can't. His records are my entertainment of choice when I'm cleaning the house, vacuuming is always more fun when you can sashay whilst doing it. Without him there no Christmas play list would be complete and a Yankee game couldn't end properly.

#3 Bubble Baths
The very reason I've yet to go on a stressed out killing spree. There is no finer end to a day than soaking in tons of bubbles unless you add a cocktail, then it's even better. Lighting some candles and playing some soft tunes complete the perfect atmosphere.

#2 Metallica
Growing up my favorite band was The Beach Boys, because it was what my parents listened to, around the age of 12 I discovered Metallica and never looked back. I still have a huge place in my heart for Brian, Carl, Dennis, Mike and Al but there's something about psychotically fast guitar rifts that speaks to my soul. They're the band I found on my own, the ones I grew up with. We've been through good times and bad and with more than 2 decades of music under their belt it's a rare moment when I can't find a song of their that speaks to what I'm feeling at any given time.

#1 Tom Hanks
That picture says it all, Hanx FTW. I couldn't tell you when my obsession with Tom Hanks started. I can't even really explain why it exists. What I do know is that there has never been another celebrity that has affected me the way he does. Something about him just jumps off the screen for me and can perk me up even in the darkest of moods. The man can do no wrong, I even think Mazes and Monsters is a supremely quality film.

Some notables that didn't make the list: Penguins, Polkadots, houndstooth, Monopoly, Jack Daniels & of course blogging.

Mr. Button was kept off this list because I thought his feelings would be hurt by coming in at #2.


Get that turkey a sweater!

Things in the world of Button have been pretty hetic lately so you're getting something short and sweet but full of victory. I'm

I've decided today to use the blog to toot my own horn today.  I think I'm allowed every so often.

After years of half-assed attempts I was finally able to quit smoking. No gum, no pills, no patches, just cold turkey. At nearly $10 a pack locally I could no longer justify paying so much money to kill myself. Also with a history of heart disease and cancer in my family I couldn't really ignore the stupidity any longer.

The funny thing is that I don't feel all that different. People are always talking about how they can smell, taste or breath better and I haven't noticed any of that. Maybe I'm just not paying attention. I actually don't even notice a difference when I'm doing a cardio work out. The only difference seems to be that I'm hungrier than I used to be. I'm trying to combat this with water instead of snacks because in my world weight gain = depression = smoking. So yeah, we'll be avoiding that.

I'm really proud of myself and I just wanted to let the world know. :-D


The extra space.

My apartment has a second bedroom, but I happen to prefer to share my bedroom with Mr. Button, I also don't know if I feel grown up enough yet to have a guest bedroom. I have a pull out and a long couch that's actually really comfortable to sleep on as well as several air mattresses and sleeping bags. I don't really see see the point of the whole bonus bedroom that will never get used, we've been here almost a year and I think I had someone spend the night here because they were too intoxicated to leave once.

Guest bedroom, not necessary. So then what? Office? Neither of us can work from home, and besides, my "office" is on my end of the couch. Study? I think one of us would have to smoke a pipe and own some leather wing back chairs for that term to fly. Playroom? No kids and we're a bit old for that. Game room? We really don't have many games. Man cave? Over my dead body. Gym? Not really big enough, but it's a start.

Oddly enough we refer to this room as the office but either tend to make air quotes when we say it or sound really sarcastic. I guess it's ok because there's a desk.

Without further adu I present to you our "office".

If you were to walk into the room right now this is exactly what you would.

If you turned around, unfortunately would have to see this. As god awful as the sight may be it is a testament to my love for Mr. Button. That 6' banner was part of his birthday present 3 years ago. I also helped with this little collage commemorating Barry Bonds breaking the home run record, something I'm not to fond of but can't hate entirely because there's gushy sentimental value there.  The monster noises you're hearing are coming from the franken computer that our old roommate built, she's runs alright, if you're nice to her and offer up a sacrifice.

Now there's a banner I can get behind! What? You though I'd get him one w/out finding one for myself? That would just be silly. If you happen to know who that cardboard cut out is we're going to have to be buddies for life. No go? Alright, that's Ricky Rudd, he used to be a NASCAR driver, he holds Iron man record which means he competed in the most consecutive races. A true badass. He was my favorite for a very long time, classy as all hell. We always call him handsome because that's what the old ladies always said about him "what a handsome man". He's my dad's age so not really my type, but up on top of the bookshelf is an autographed picture of him & me in Alabama in 2002, a true highlight.
Lurking behind that picture is my gnome. A coworker gave that to me forever ago and it's traveled many places, I think he could kick the roaming gnomes ass. Everyone but me seems to think he's super creepy so even though I'd prefer him in the bedroom he's been banished to here.
Mr. 3-1 up there is something I saved from the junkyard when we cleaned out my grandparents house, I'm not sure why no one else wanted it. It's some kind of mountain man swigging back a bottle of what I'm going to assume is moon shine. Aside from being a super classy and awesome statue he's also a music box, the spins around on his base and plays a catchy little tune. If that wasn't enough for you the top of his hat also comes off because he's a decanter. [I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.] No, you can't have him.
The desk of win is also a family treasure, it belonged to my mother's father and I think he had it since the dawn of time. It's a stunning shade of green and happens to be 5' wide and completely metal, that means it weighs about a million pounds. The snazzy chair it comes with makes one of the most terrifying squeaking noises you will ever hear, but its an incentive to sit up straight.
I'm sure you're dying to know what's behind the purple sheet. It really is a mess. A DVD holder full of picture frames I haven't gotten around to putting stuff in yet. I got sick of looking at it a while ago so I pack it up all need an put polkadots in front of it, way more pleasant.

No one hangs out in here so I've never bothered to dress the windows, I never really open them either because there's a yard across the way that always seems to have people in it and I don't want them spying on me.

There are only two things worth looking at in this picture, my Mickey Mantle action figure hanging on the wall and the Golden Schwinn. The Golden Schwinn is something else I rescued from my grandparents house because no one else thought it was a treasure. Back when I actually had a gym membership the only thing I did was the bike, the elliptical and occasionally some work with free weights. This is a much cheaper option.

The final wall. My little board over there is full of fitness stats and motivational quotes to keep me inspired in my healthful journey.

"The Rack" is my favorite thing in the entire world, it's actually a pilates machine and I love it to pieces.

There is a cushion and a tripod in here for no reason other than they have no place else to stay.

And of course there is the doom closet I mentioned in my bathroom entry. I believe I promised you a look inside....

When you first open the door this is what you see. Most notably the shopping bag I bought at wholefoods so I wouldn't kill the earth by using disposable ones every time I shop. As you can see I care so much about the earth that I've hidden the bag in the doom closet.

There's also a cookie jar in a box that I broke and maybe I'll fix it one day.

I finally got Mr. Button to get his golf clubs out of the living room and into storage! Hooray for small victories.

Oh yea...and a giant penguin. Why?

Because I'm one of those strange people who go kind of nuts for Christmas. I lied to you, this isn't really a doom closet, it's a Christmas closet. All of these boxes have decorations in it. That stero box has out lived the stereo I got when I was nine because it holds pieces to my miniature village. Don't worry, you'll see pictures shortly after thanksgiving.

If you look the other direction in the closet you'll see this, flying luggage, more super pretty wallpaper, random hooks in teh wall and my Christmas tree.

We have a fake one for 2 reasons and none of them have to do with clean up because I still occasionally find pieces of this in the livingroom.
1) Real trees give me hives.
2) I can keep this one up for two months and forget to water it w/o fear of my ornaments crashing to the ground.

In my head Christmas starts the minute thanksgiving dinner is over ends around new years. But I'm already thinking about it and I'm almost done with my shopping. I'm one of "those people"


This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I’m gonna give it to them.

1. If you could be a super hero or a super villian which would you be and why?

A villain. Just look at Batman, there is way too much pressure on that guy and he's trying to make things better. Just doesn't seem worth the effort to me. 

2. What's your super alias?
My two favorite super villains are Catwoman & Poison Ivy, Buttonwoman doesn't have a great ring to it so I went with Poison Button.

3. Name a friend as your sidekick, tell us who they are.
I'd have to pick K, she's absolutely brilliant, extremely handy and she comes equipped with hell hounds.

4. What is your weakness?
Bunnies, hence the need for hell hounds.

5 What are your powers?
Killer agility like Catwoman.
Toxikinesis & Toxin & Disease resistance like Poison Ivy.
Anything Mystique can do would be nice.

6. Does your costume have a cape? Do you wear a mask?
You can't be stealth in a cape, so no, but the mask is straight up Julie Newmar catwoman (no seriously, I took it off her face).

Happy Friday!!
Feel free to do this in your blog, I'd love to hear your answers!


The proof is in the pudding.

I thought another dessert would be a nice change of pace. My great grandmother used to make this for my father so I guess it's a bit of an heirloom. It's super easy and very tasty. The only name I'll ever know it by is Graham Cracker Pudding, which is pretty misleading. Mr. Button calls it pie which is also pretty misleading. Any suggestions?

What you will need:
A box of original flavored graham crackers
2 boxes of cook and serve pudding
4 cups of cold milk
Cool Whip

1. Line the bottom of a 9x9 pan with graham crackers

2. Cook both boxes of pudding according to the direction on package until it starts to thicken, if the pudding is too runny it the graham crackers won't stay down in the dish.

3. Pour half of the pudding into the pan on top of the graham crackers, do this slowly otherwise it will get under neath the crackers and they will float.
it will be hot

4. Layer graham crackers on top of pudding and then slowly pour the rest of the pudding on top of the 2nd layer of graham crackers.
5. Place dish in fridge until the pudding has set.
6. Remove dish and layer cool whip over the top.

7. Serve and enjoy!