The extra space.

My apartment has a second bedroom, but I happen to prefer to share my bedroom with Mr. Button, I also don't know if I feel grown up enough yet to have a guest bedroom. I have a pull out and a long couch that's actually really comfortable to sleep on as well as several air mattresses and sleeping bags. I don't really see see the point of the whole bonus bedroom that will never get used, we've been here almost a year and I think I had someone spend the night here because they were too intoxicated to leave once.

Guest bedroom, not necessary. So then what? Office? Neither of us can work from home, and besides, my "office" is on my end of the couch. Study? I think one of us would have to smoke a pipe and own some leather wing back chairs for that term to fly. Playroom? No kids and we're a bit old for that. Game room? We really don't have many games. Man cave? Over my dead body. Gym? Not really big enough, but it's a start.

Oddly enough we refer to this room as the office but either tend to make air quotes when we say it or sound really sarcastic. I guess it's ok because there's a desk.

Without further adu I present to you our "office".

If you were to walk into the room right now this is exactly what you would.

If you turned around, unfortunately would have to see this. As god awful as the sight may be it is a testament to my love for Mr. Button. That 6' banner was part of his birthday present 3 years ago. I also helped with this little collage commemorating Barry Bonds breaking the home run record, something I'm not to fond of but can't hate entirely because there's gushy sentimental value there.  The monster noises you're hearing are coming from the franken computer that our old roommate built, she's runs alright, if you're nice to her and offer up a sacrifice.

Now there's a banner I can get behind! What? You though I'd get him one w/out finding one for myself? That would just be silly. If you happen to know who that cardboard cut out is we're going to have to be buddies for life. No go? Alright, that's Ricky Rudd, he used to be a NASCAR driver, he holds Iron man record which means he competed in the most consecutive races. A true badass. He was my favorite for a very long time, classy as all hell. We always call him handsome because that's what the old ladies always said about him "what a handsome man". He's my dad's age so not really my type, but up on top of the bookshelf is an autographed picture of him & me in Alabama in 2002, a true highlight.
Lurking behind that picture is my gnome. A coworker gave that to me forever ago and it's traveled many places, I think he could kick the roaming gnomes ass. Everyone but me seems to think he's super creepy so even though I'd prefer him in the bedroom he's been banished to here.
Mr. 3-1 up there is something I saved from the junkyard when we cleaned out my grandparents house, I'm not sure why no one else wanted it. It's some kind of mountain man swigging back a bottle of what I'm going to assume is moon shine. Aside from being a super classy and awesome statue he's also a music box, the spins around on his base and plays a catchy little tune. If that wasn't enough for you the top of his hat also comes off because he's a decanter. [I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.] No, you can't have him.
The desk of win is also a family treasure, it belonged to my mother's father and I think he had it since the dawn of time. It's a stunning shade of green and happens to be 5' wide and completely metal, that means it weighs about a million pounds. The snazzy chair it comes with makes one of the most terrifying squeaking noises you will ever hear, but its an incentive to sit up straight.
I'm sure you're dying to know what's behind the purple sheet. It really is a mess. A DVD holder full of picture frames I haven't gotten around to putting stuff in yet. I got sick of looking at it a while ago so I pack it up all need an put polkadots in front of it, way more pleasant.

No one hangs out in here so I've never bothered to dress the windows, I never really open them either because there's a yard across the way that always seems to have people in it and I don't want them spying on me.

There are only two things worth looking at in this picture, my Mickey Mantle action figure hanging on the wall and the Golden Schwinn. The Golden Schwinn is something else I rescued from my grandparents house because no one else thought it was a treasure. Back when I actually had a gym membership the only thing I did was the bike, the elliptical and occasionally some work with free weights. This is a much cheaper option.

The final wall. My little board over there is full of fitness stats and motivational quotes to keep me inspired in my healthful journey.

"The Rack" is my favorite thing in the entire world, it's actually a pilates machine and I love it to pieces.

There is a cushion and a tripod in here for no reason other than they have no place else to stay.

And of course there is the doom closet I mentioned in my bathroom entry. I believe I promised you a look inside....

When you first open the door this is what you see. Most notably the shopping bag I bought at wholefoods so I wouldn't kill the earth by using disposable ones every time I shop. As you can see I care so much about the earth that I've hidden the bag in the doom closet.

There's also a cookie jar in a box that I broke and maybe I'll fix it one day.

I finally got Mr. Button to get his golf clubs out of the living room and into storage! Hooray for small victories.

Oh yea...and a giant penguin. Why?

Because I'm one of those strange people who go kind of nuts for Christmas. I lied to you, this isn't really a doom closet, it's a Christmas closet. All of these boxes have decorations in it. That stero box has out lived the stereo I got when I was nine because it holds pieces to my miniature village. Don't worry, you'll see pictures shortly after thanksgiving.

If you look the other direction in the closet you'll see this, flying luggage, more super pretty wallpaper, random hooks in teh wall and my Christmas tree.

We have a fake one for 2 reasons and none of them have to do with clean up because I still occasionally find pieces of this in the livingroom.
1) Real trees give me hives.
2) I can keep this one up for two months and forget to water it w/o fear of my ornaments crashing to the ground.

In my head Christmas starts the minute thanksgiving dinner is over ends around new years. But I'm already thinking about it and I'm almost done with my shopping. I'm one of "those people"

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  1. Your Xmas closet should meet my Xmas garage and they can throw up Xmas all over!

    Dan gets annoyed because I put it up too early;)