It's Potty Time!

We've got another theme! Hence forth, every Wednesday will be about invading my personal space. I'll take you on a picture guided tour of something personal in my life. It gives you a change to really get to know me and forces me to keep at least some part of my life neat and orderly once a week.

This weeks room happens to be my bathroom, our apartment has two so the boyfriend and I each have our own. It's a completely wonderful luxury that I am taking full advantage of because that this will probably only time I ever have the chance. I'm pretty sure that thought process is evident in my decoration choices.

This is the view from the door. Stunned? Confused? Underwhelmed? I'll give you a minute to compose yourself.

And now we have the view from the exact opposite end of the room.

Here we have showcased Starry Night which is one of my favorite paintings ever. I won't pretend to know much about it but I like the calming feeling I get when I stare at it.

Because of the lack of cover on the lights in the bathroom I have plenty of candles to make bath time more soothing. I'm not sure if you can tell but they make me happy.

This is probably not the first time you will be exposed to my love of Batman so you might as well get used to it. I have no idea where the towel came from, I probably bought it at a theme park or snagged it from a friend. The tooth brush is part of a Christmas tradition, "Santa" always puts a 2 pack of batman toothbrushes in my stocking. I hardly ever use them though, so I've got a drawer with plenty. That one happens to be there because my darling younger brother needed one and I was more than happy to provide.

Those notes about my sink aren't a joke, take a minute to imagine what getting ready in the morning would be like for you if your water came out of two different taps. You have to get creative.

The postage stamp is from the Christmas cards we sent out two years ago, everyone got a big kick out of it and I happened to have one left over so I stuck it in this frame that'd been lying around for a while. It's nice to see relationship cheese when you're trying to fix your bad hair day.

The lighting is less than desirable and I should probably get some shades to up the cuteness factor, any suggestions? 

The doom closet actually connects to the office, the other door is behind the mirror, so it makes a creepy hallway. It's filled with Christmas decorations, maybe one day I'll let you see it. 

My large collection of bathrobes exists because I don't like clothes and sometimes walking around naked just isn't proper. I have one for any kind of temperature and it's glorious. 

The charming tupperware is full of all my bathroom needs because no other storage options were available. I think it actually works out pretty well.

I'm sure I don't need to say anything more about my soap dispensing penguin. <3

This bathub is the reason that I chose the bathroom as my own when we first moved in. Despite the crap lighting and lack of storage it makes up for it times a million. Soaking in this is like sitting in a little pod of heaven. 

I think everything else here speaks for itself. 

Once upon of time I was bestowed the nickname "The Dutchess of Sassland" it eventually took on a life of it's own resulting in a board game and the crest you see here. It's an upside down jackdaniels bottle that holds Mickey Mantle's (my favorite player) number, the NY Giants logo, a metallica symbol and the number of what used to be my favorite cup car. Behind that is the batman symbol and at the bottom are the most full of win men ever to grace the planet, Frank Sinatra & Tom Hanks. Written below is "I will end you" one of my favorite things to say, but in latin because that's fancy. 

The hospital button is something hospital employees were given to wear and it says "asked me if I've washed my hands", to say that I was amused by it would be an understatement. 

The two framed objects are Dr. Horrible references, if you're not familiar I suggest that you change that.

This is where I put things that I need to reach when I am in the tub. The gnome was a Christmas present from someone who apparently knows me very well and even though he destroys my self esteem I love him fiercely. 

And last but certainly not least, what I'm sure you've all been waiting for. The only thing worth scoping out in someone elses bathroom. It wouldn't be a proper invasion of my personal space with out this shot. 

The only comment that I'll make is that I'm such a good friend that I keep contact solution and cases in my house for those people who end up crashing for the night and would needs such supplies.

So what about you, is your bathroom an accurate representation of yourself? Do you have the stones to invade your privacy on the internet?


  1. A very intimate view of your bathroom. Mine is like a small closet. It doesn't have much room for personality but I think it's okay. *shrug* Maybe someday I'll do a tour.

  2. At the last place we lived I could stand in the middle of the bathroom and touch every wall, there wasn't even a bathtub! BF didn't like this apartment when we first looked at it but after I laid eyes on the bathroom I knew I was going to reason like crazy with him to get this place.

  3. I just laughed my head off for five solid minutes. AMAZING. lol

  4. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how completely and utterly jealous I am of the fact that you have your own bathroom. We have one. I have to share with my husband who is a stinky boy. In my dreams one day I will have my own...or at the very least one with two sinks.

    Starry Night is my favorite too!

  5. Katie - So glad to entertain.

    Salt - Good things come to those who wait, or those who just luck out. I think I had good bathroom karma after the half closet our old one was.