A room for living

It's Wednesday again, which means it's time to get all up in my business. You'll be happy to know that this was voted the #1 theme by creepy stalkers everywhere. I'm assuming my prize is in the mail or *awkward pause* already here?

The subject of today's space invasion is my living room.

Of course you're all familiar with my bathroom and it's fantasticness. In my opinion this room contains far more win and you'll get to see some of Mr. Button's "taste" as well. You'll also get to see what some of the inside of a doom closet looks like. This one extends under the attic stairs so it's shaped funny and actually extends to about where those three pennants are. When we first moved in everyone called it the Harry Potter closet.

So this is obviously the view from the other doorway and it gives you a nice view of one the floating rectangles the room has to offer. It also shows a blatent lie in the remotes sitting on the coffee table, they are NEVER there, you can find them in the couch or on the floor but never on the table. As I type this they're still not on the table, that is not their home.

Funny thing about the color of the walls is that it kind of glows in the dark at night, it looks very lovely in the natural light but the minute the lamps come on it starts to glow. This isn't the original color we picked out, I wanted a light mint green but when we got in on the walls you couldn't see the green, it just looked white so I sent Mr. Button back to Home Depot and told them to put some color in it. He came back with what I like to call toxic pistachio.

See? Full. Of. Win. This is the DVD shelf, Mr. Button can take credit for about 99% of this since I'm not really a DVD person. All the Tom Hanks movies are mine though because I have fantastic taste.

The plate at the top of the shelf is clearly not for noms because it holds the face of the epic Mickey Mantle, no food shall ever grace it. Next to it is the poorest rendition of Donnie Baseball I have ever seen in doll form it seriously haunts my dreams.

And last but not least we have some very amusing at the bottom of the shelving. Gather 'round children these are a magical extinct being called HD DVDs, most of which are disturbingly still in the plastic wrapping. Once upon a time when I had more money and less financial responsibilities we liked to buy things that were new because it made us feel fancy. This goes down all the biggest backfire in the history of Button.

This doom closet contains the empty boxes for several of my gadgets and all of my camping gear. The cavernous depths of this closet hold enough things to cram pack a minivan. By the way, that fruit dehydrator is awesome.

BEHOLD THE NATURAL LIGHT! I love these giant windows like crazy. I never even had the idea of putting up curtains in here because I didn't want to block the light at all, and also it would take a lot of curtain to cover those windows and I'd rather buy things that won't be relevant in six months.

The bit of fanciness on top of the entertainment center is a copy of Babe Ruth's insurance policy. Why do I have this? Why the hell not!

The bit of love next to it is a picture of Donnie Baseball himself that he so kindly autographed on the hind end. It happens to be leaning up against the proof that I am actually 80 years old on the inside aka my record player. If you still don't believe that I'm actually an old lady the fact that said record player is currently blaring Sinatra at the moment might sway your opinion.

Continuing down the entertainment we have the devil, also known as the xbox 360 or as I like to call it Mr. Button's mistress. Below that is my PS3 which we really only use as a blu ray player unless you count all the times I go on there intoxicated at 4am and fail at Call of Duty. Underneath that is an actual HD DVD player, pardon me while I hang my head in shame. I'm sure it will make a lovely paperweight some day.

Over in the corner we have a nice little balance, the guitar that I completely fail at, the yoga mats & block that I don't fail at as much as I used to and then a present that is full of win but I can't tell you what it is because it's for my mother and her birthday is on Monday, so don't ask.

And then of course there is a bit of arts and crafts on the other side. I made that pillow when I was nine, I know what you're thinking, but no you can't have one. It was a limited edition craft of the year, maybe you'll have luck finding it on ebay. 

The cheese stands alone. Or in this case the captain. That happens to be a badass picture of Derek Jeter from 2004 driving into the stands in the 12th inning to aid in a victory against those pesky bo sox. It's all alone on the way because it's official and autographed with a plaque and everything and I don't have anything else that really matches up so until I do that blank space will haunt me.

More memorabilia, more win and the glaring fact that I need a smaller picture of the new stadium to put with the hold one both before and after it was renovated. At least I was able to make good use of the floating rectangle on this wall.

That ladies and germs is where I blog from. Exactly where I am sitting as I type this. Legs up and stretched out towards the middle with that silver box of doom in my lap. The digital picture frame chose just this moment to show a fantastic picture of my father in a wedding dress standing next to the wax figure of George Clooney. Ahhhh, Vegas. You can also see my best friend AKA the heating pad for when my shoulder tries to jump ship and separate from my body, I use that to solder it back into place.

Mr. Button doesn't get an office, he has a dwelling because this is where he parks it for xboxing with his soul mate, aka my brother. You can see the quilt I made him out of old t-shirts though and sometimes if I don't complain about his video gaming he'll let me snuggle with him under it.

This couch was in my mema's house for approximately a million years and then it sat in my dad's garage and finally came to me. Mema kept it in one of those rooms that you weren't really allowed to go in because it was full of nice breakable things so in the 2 years I've been using it it's probably seen the most use of it's entire life.

Baseball season is a happy time in the Button household, I'm sure you've already guessed where our mutual baseball affection lies. Football season however is not as peaceful and the playoffs can be a nightmare. Our sides of the couch were pre determined by the rug, though he was able to sneak some Jets propaganda that I hadn't banished to his bathroom into the wall space about my head.

So that's it, that's our living room, now you know that you can't hide in the Doom Closet to stalk me because it is jam packed but there appeared to be some room under the end table if you're really interested.


  1. Even though you are obviously a giant yankees fan I promise to not let that affect our friendship.