On most days I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. Apparently this doesn't apply when I'm thinking about running. Whatever made me think taking a month off and that starting back up running longer and farther than I ever had before would be a good idea is beyond me. I know I was excited to not be in pain anymore but I'm not sure why I thought my behavior was sustainable. 

Sure enough it only took a week for something horrible to happen. My left Achilles tendon decided enough was enough and pulled me to an abrupt stop. After a few days of rest I was certain I'd done something completely awful to it and planned on making an appointment with my doctor. Then a saintly physical therapist I work with decided to tape me up and encouraged me to rest more. So I did just that and as it turns out my injury isn't as bad as I feared. 

Today I went out for the first time for a short run, just under 2 miles and my leg felt great the entire time and continues to feel great so it looks like I lucked out this time in that I didn't seriously injure myself and was able to return to running quickly. 

If there is one thing I know now it is that I need to come up with a plan if I'm going to continue running so here's what I'm thinking for right now to keep myself safe from injury: 

So I'm going back to where I stared in April with my C25K program because I really need to limit myself again and slowly work up to my time and distance because that really did work so well for me the first time around. I'm hoping I can stick with this and continue on injury free, I need to apply my smarts here if I'm going to keep myself in one piece.

Also,  I need to stop watching shows about girls who get abducted while out running before I go out for a run. I think most of my cardio comes from the panic I feel while imagining kidnappers around every corner. Or when a speeding car zooms by me around a corner with mere inches to spare.

Oh well, back to the safety of the trail next week and then just a few more weeks until my home route will be in a much less dangerous area.