If you can't stand the heat....

I hope the week between invading my personal space wasn't too strenuous for the stalkers. Today you guys get to see where the magic happens!

No, not that magic, I'm talking about the venue that brings you all of Monday's blog posts: my kitchen!

 If I had to make a list ranking how much time I spent in each room this would fall into the number two spot right behind the living room. Thankfully it is not a small room and I really think we've been able really make it our own minus a thing or two.

The strangest thing about this kitchen is that it is the only room Mr. Button & I have on the 1st floor of the house. The closed door you see with the paddle on it is the entrance to the office that we share the house with.

Yes, that is a bike in my kitchen, this is where it lives because there is no way that I am hauling it up and down the stairs whenever I want to use it. 

This shot is pretty self explanatory, the only interesting part is that you can see the extent of the sunflower madness. *grumble*

The big "surprise" in this picture is in reference to, once again, the lack of paper towels. If I didn't know any better I would swear that Mr. Button EATS them. I pretty much go on strike whenever they run out because for everyone one sheet I use he uses and entire roll. Seriously go buy stock in paper towels now, as long as Mr. Button is around the industry is safe.

I'm not sure if you've noticed the sunflowers yet. If you haven't look again, stare at the picture until you start to feel queasy, then you will know you have found them. As it states above, they are are not my idea, they were here when we moved in. I hate them because I think they are stupid and on top of that whoever put them up did a crap job because they're starting to separate from the well. If we renew our lease we'd like to take care of that.

Don't for a moment fool yourself into thinking there are never dishes in my sink. 9 out of 10 times there are dishes in my sink. I just couldn't take pictures of dirty dishes though  so I compromised and promised to fess up and leave the evidence of my dish washing out to be captured.

I doubt you care about my collection of cookbooks or my pile of shoes because of that shining beacon of enchantment in all it's distracting glory. No need to feel guilty, I don't want to be associated with anyone who isn't excited by the thought of a secret compartment.

And here's what's inside! Gadgets. A waffle maker, blender, mini juicer, food processor, sandwich maker. All stuff I don't want sitting on my counter and couldn't figure out where to put. I highly recommend the waffle maker if you've been thinking about one, it's absolutely divine and very simple to use.  

The umbrella is something hysterical by itself. No matter how close I get it to the back door it doesn't matter, I never remember. It currently sits in the spot my hand rests on when I balance myself while putting on shoes before I leave and it hasn't made a lick of difference. Putting it in my car isn't an option because that is not always my mode of transportation.

I love spices yes I do, I love spices how 'bout you?! The rack wasn't enough which is fine because we have this super handy ledge that we coudln't figure out anything else to do with. It makes cooking a lot easier because I don't like having to take the time to actually look for things.

This is not our pint glass collection, most of that is in the cabinets above the stove. These are simply the glasses that are too tall for the aforementioned cabinets and/or ones that Mr. Button wanted to display.

The toaster has an egg maker on it, though unfortunately that feature stopped working two years after I got it. Don't be sad though because right next to it is proof of my obsession with infomercials, the magic bullet, which I love and wish I'd gotten years earlier.

I haven't hit anyone with the Big Kahuna yet and I probably won't because my darling brother picked it up for me while he was in Hawaii, but just in case, don't test me.

My dislike of the sunflowers also makes an appearance and the scribbles may or may not be caused by that bottle on the table. The poor lonely little stool as the partner of the one that holds the laughing gnome shrine in my bathroom.

This is my favorite part of the kitchen: my pidgeon coop! It belonged to my Mema, she kept it in her basement forever and used it to store canned goods. I'm not sure that it ever actually held pidgeons but either way I think it is the neatest thing and way more charming than some free standing pantry I could pick up at walmart.

You can also see my cow broom which doesn't make sweeping any more fun, but at least it's something to giggle about while Mr. Button is sweeping.

You've also been afforded the opportunity to judge me on the dry food taht you can see in this picture.

Blank refridgeratiors make me sad. Mr. Button & I don't plan on reporducing anytime int he next millenium so we have to decorate the door ourselves. Granted neither of us our as talented as my biggest fans but I always smile when I see it.

However, I am known to stop smiling when I see expired coupons just sitting there when they're for things we buy often. If the mood strikes the chinse menu will provide the peace of mind though. 

This is what you've been waiting for, a shot of the fridge, judge away. Feel free to question my plothera of mustard, I know I am.

If you're wondering that's rum in the freezer, so don't worry, it's not gone.

One more view just to make your judgment complete, feel free to take note of the suspiciously old girl scout cookies in the freezer.

So that's the grand tour, I hope you enjoyed it. Comments are welcome or share you own kitchen and/or kitchen stories.

[No sunflowers were harmed in the make of this post]


  1. I like sunflowers...but that wall border is horrid!!

    Also, I want a pigeon coop in my kitchen!

  2. P - I had it in storage for years after we sold my mema's house, just waiting to have enough room to use it.

    Rachel - go ahead, though I have no idea how old they are.