Should probably be buried treasure.

I'm easily amused by many things, one of which is "treasure". By treasure I actually mean useless crap that you only call treasure because it's old or the rightful owner of said crap is standing close by. You find it on random tables at tag sales, cramed into shelves at the salvation army, or if you're lucky, filling up two floors of this store that's been in my town since the dawn of time.

Unfortunately, the store is going out of business, I can't imagine why. But they're advertising the fact so drawn by the 75% off signs my friend and I paid it a visit this week. I decided to share some of the more fantastic treasures with all of you.
This picture probably wouldn't be so creepy if the unicorns eye wasn't pink.
He's ceramic, and surprisingly heavy, but he looks rumpled and has hearts on his feet. If that wasn't enough staring his face for too long might melt your soul.
Well I can't really disagree with this statement, though I've never quite heard it put this way before. I'm not sure if half of the missing "u" makes it charming or not.
Ghost? Snowman? Sperm? You decide!
Faceless pajama man, 'nuf said.
I seriously thought about buying this lamp for a minute and along with the fact that I would probably never purchase a lampshade for it, the thought of this bear jumping up and running around my house after midnight did not sit well with me.
And you better get their order before you start cooking or they might eat you.
My favorite part about this, other than how disgustingly filthy he was, was that the tag on his leg said "old mickey"
Manish looking doll with tufts of hair missing, what could possibly be creepy about that?!
A picture of a bear wearing a turban in a bathtub was enough to impress me, but one that also gives diet advice?! Where do I sign up???
I could have spent hours and most of my memory card space in here, I thought you'd appreciate an overview.
I couldn't resist documenting this little creepster though, he may become my new mascot! Busted Face Santa is just as adorable as button, right?
Some local art, the more I look at it the less creepy it becomes. I think that's because of all the souls it's already captured.
This knitting magazine from 1972 makes me long for the good old days of high fashion, when men were men and I could get away with orange pants in public!
A monkey holding a rooster makes perfect sense to me. Yes? The picture is blurry because I was shaking from the excitement.

And finally, the fluff fairy. Upon further inspection I am certain that that is her power cord, I wish I'd been brave enough to ask the shop keeper to plug her in. 

Do you have any local stores that specalize in fantastic treasures? Do you own any yourself?

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