Buttonites beware!

Since you're reading my blog I'm just going to assume that some part of you worships me. Don't argue, it's my blog, my rules. Well listen to me my little Buttonite you've got some competition. Not from one deciple but an set. They find me so wonderful that I am showered with gifts everytime they see me and lately I have inspired them so greatly that they've created a line of art in my honor.

So, if you're going to continue to worship me you're going to have to step up your game.


The Butterfly Pizza thing I inspired

A portrait of me in a rocket ship which is clearly his way of saying that I am out of this world.

This is clearly what I do to his insides whenever I enter a room.

He said this was a picture of a crab but even a half blind person could see i <3 you written in there.

And finally proof that I am so remarkable that my portrait must be done FIVE times in order to capture all of the marvelousness.

By the way, your competition is a set of five year old twins with identical twinkles in their eyes. 
Consider it brought-en.