No, I won't back down.

I don't remember what I originally wanted to write about today but the idea was exiled from my head when I got called out. Much like Marty McFly I completely fail at turning down challenges. It all started Friday night when I was slaving over a hot stove for my friend Duddits.

[I named him after the down syndrome feller from Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, (which by the way was a bazillion times better than the movie) and actually call him that to his face, he likes it. His arsenal of cooking includes, pasta, sandwiches, things that can be placed in a microwave and squirrel (no, seriously, it's good).]

ANYWAY, when my culinary masterpiece went into the oven I decided 40 minutes was far to long to wait and snack time needed to happen. I didn't want anything fancy, any that would take more than a minute to prepare, just something to make my body shut up about the fact that it was 2 hours passed dinner time. Also, there was cheese on the counter and even though I'm not supposed to eat it I never let that stop me.

I hadn't even started to assemble my snack when Duddits had an absolute conniption fit. Apparently, my food combination offended him to the core. Off the top of my head I happen to know one person who also enjoys this snack, which to me, automatically means it's not weird. After several minutes of arguing the gauntlet was thrown.

"Why don't you post that on your blog and then you'll find out how weird it is."

Challenge absolutely accepted for the following reasons:
1) I don't care if anyone thinks it's weird, I already know I'm not alone in my snack love.
2) It sounds like a strange (gross) combo but I'm confident if you try it you'll reconsider.
3) I think it's funny to blog about.

You're probably getting impatient now, what is the offending snack? Well, here you go.

Getting this shot was insane, do you have any idea how reflective cheese is?!
You probably still don't know what it is, unless you are a fellow snacker. It's a slice of cheese folded in half with peanut butter inside it, in this case, chunky peanut butter which only seemed to make it more offensive.

So, thoughts?

By the way, that's Duddits' hind end in the top corner, if you're interested he's single and cooks a mean squirrel.


  1. I think the squirrel is more offensive than the cheese and PB.

  2. My dad eats cheese on fig neutons .. this is not offensice lol