The proof is in the pudding.

I thought another dessert would be a nice change of pace. My great grandmother used to make this for my father so I guess it's a bit of an heirloom. It's super easy and very tasty. The only name I'll ever know it by is Graham Cracker Pudding, which is pretty misleading. Mr. Button calls it pie which is also pretty misleading. Any suggestions?

What you will need:
A box of original flavored graham crackers
2 boxes of cook and serve pudding
4 cups of cold milk
Cool Whip

1. Line the bottom of a 9x9 pan with graham crackers

2. Cook both boxes of pudding according to the direction on package until it starts to thicken, if the pudding is too runny it the graham crackers won't stay down in the dish.

3. Pour half of the pudding into the pan on top of the graham crackers, do this slowly otherwise it will get under neath the crackers and they will float.
it will be hot

4. Layer graham crackers on top of pudding and then slowly pour the rest of the pudding on top of the 2nd layer of graham crackers.
5. Place dish in fridge until the pudding has set.
6. Remove dish and layer cool whip over the top.

7. Serve and enjoy!

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