It's Friday I'm in love.

Even though I have to work tomorrow I still like Fridays, probably because everyone around me seems in a better mood knowing the end of the week is here. In an attempt to make today even more pleasant I'd decided to blog about what are arguably the top five things that I love.

So away we go!

#5 Televised Sports:
I love yelling at the TV whether it be Baseball, Football (College or Professional), Hockey (College or Professional), NASCAR or Poker I'll probably jump around the room yelling or cheering about something. I actually typically prefer to watch at home instead of going to a game for two reasons. 1) There are no lines for my bathroom 2) Lots of yelling and jumping around draws the attention of people who like to talk trash and that's just not my bag.

#4 Frank Sinatra
Look at that face, how could you resist? I know I can't. His records are my entertainment of choice when I'm cleaning the house, vacuuming is always more fun when you can sashay whilst doing it. Without him there no Christmas play list would be complete and a Yankee game couldn't end properly.

#3 Bubble Baths
The very reason I've yet to go on a stressed out killing spree. There is no finer end to a day than soaking in tons of bubbles unless you add a cocktail, then it's even better. Lighting some candles and playing some soft tunes complete the perfect atmosphere.

#2 Metallica
Growing up my favorite band was The Beach Boys, because it was what my parents listened to, around the age of 12 I discovered Metallica and never looked back. I still have a huge place in my heart for Brian, Carl, Dennis, Mike and Al but there's something about psychotically fast guitar rifts that speaks to my soul. They're the band I found on my own, the ones I grew up with. We've been through good times and bad and with more than 2 decades of music under their belt it's a rare moment when I can't find a song of their that speaks to what I'm feeling at any given time.

#1 Tom Hanks
That picture says it all, Hanx FTW. I couldn't tell you when my obsession with Tom Hanks started. I can't even really explain why it exists. What I do know is that there has never been another celebrity that has affected me the way he does. Something about him just jumps off the screen for me and can perk me up even in the darkest of moods. The man can do no wrong, I even think Mazes and Monsters is a supremely quality film.

Some notables that didn't make the list: Penguins, Polkadots, houndstooth, Monopoly, Jack Daniels & of course blogging.

Mr. Button was kept off this list because I thought his feelings would be hurt by coming in at #2.

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