Button Comforts

I dont' feel well. I think I'm coming down with some sort of stomach bug. Instead of sharing the gory details with you I thought I'd write about what I'm doing to make myself feel better while my body fixes itself.

All the answers to stop me from being a big fuss button can be found right here:

 Fluffy is the stuffed dog that I've had since I was brand new, he's 26 and in fantastic condition, probably because he sits on a shelf unless I'm feeling yucky and Mr. Button isn't home to cuddle with.

Balloon Blanket was a gift I was given for being born. It's called balloon blanket because the other side of the blanket has balloons on it. I spends most of its time hanging out on a shelf with Fluffy. It's in nearly mint condition because I was never the kind of kid who took their blanket everywhere they went.

The Chilly Willy fleece pants are a must for when I'm not feeling well. They're soft and cozy and have penguins on them. Also, when I don't feel well, no matter what it is, I tend to get cold. So despite it being summer time I was in need of some fleece.

And last but not least, a nostalgic DVD today's choice was the Sandlot which is one of my all time favorites. If for some god awful reason you haven't seen it I recommend raiding the bargain bin at walmart you're sure to find it there.

What about you? What comforts do you have for when you're not feeling well?


  1. Awwww Fluffy makes me smile. I have a supersoft bunny rabbit named Frank that I sit with when I don't feel well and a suggly blanket that my brother gave me for Christmas. And then I watch Mean Girls on the couch and drink hot chocolates.

    I hope you feel better, friend!

  2. Frank would probably make me smile if I wasn't scared of bunnies.