Bonus Sexy.

I think it's fair to say that I'm pretty darn enamored with Mr. Button, that being said I am still human and  am not incapable of finding other attractive. This post is inspired by a recent conversation with some girlfriends about certain things that can make someone more attractive or as I like to call it bonus sexy. I know that it's different for everyone, these are my personal ones.

The first on my list is driving some sort of pick up truck or a jeep. I fancy all things rugged and take a look at that second picture, does it get anymore rugged than that?

Wearing a baseball hat is instant bonus sexy. Extra bonus if it's for a team that I'm fond of. This works for everyone but more so for certain individuals. For instance guys who are getting a bit older and perhaps not aging gracefully; such as Tiger Woods  who owes a great deal to the baseball hat.

I think most women share this one but I have to put it out there, being awesome with tots is some serious bonus sexy. This coming from someone who isn't even completely decided on their desire to reproduce.

GLASSES. I am a complete sucker for guys who wear glasses. I have no idea why and the style of glasses doesn't even matter.

This is another one that's pretty prevelant among the female populas. Some sort of musical inclination, writing, singing or playing is always impressive. The more the merrier.

Old Blue Eyes was sexy walking, even with a bow tie. A fondness for Frank Sinatra and similar song stylings is a ton of melt my heart bonus sexy.

The ability to grow a full beard but the self restraint not to. I love facial hair and not. An even five o'clock shadow is the #2 reason for bonus sexy.

This brings us to the #1 cause of bonus sexy...

SUITING UP! In twenty something years I have never encountered someone who does not ooze bonus sexy in a suit.

Do you share some of these? Do you have more interesting ones to add?


  1. OMG a man in a suit...*drool*

  2. Mr. Button doesn't often have a reason to wear a suit but given the opportunity he loves to throw one on. *swoon*