A year in review pt. 4

So this is it, the grand finale! I'm really glad that I did this because I genuinely forgot how awesome my year really has been. If you don't know what I'm talking about go check out parts one, two and three to catch up. Anyway, lets bring on the final quarter of 2012.


So I don't know if you're familiar with this video:

It's completely fake but I still get a really big kick out of it. So back in October I was all bummed about thinking about how it'd been a year since we put my beloved dog down and someone posted a really sad video and I just couldn't take it so in order to combat the sadness I posted the above one and then was inspired by the line "I want them in a basket and I want little bow ties and I them to be on a rainbow..." to make the most glorious picture because I just love The Beef so much and I want him in a basket, in a bow tie on a rainbow. 

Needless to say I perked right up. 

In October Connecticut becomes the land of fests. Apple fest, garlic fest, etc. Really it's just an excuse to walk around a big field that has a bunch of tents set up where you can buy fair food and tons of homemade things. It's like pinterest but outside. We went to several and I noticed how The Beef and I react to these differently, he eats everything until he feels sick and I suddenly become very passionate about flavors and want to buy all the sauces, ever. I also got really obsessed with making Pumpkin Risotto.
We also took a day trip up to the Fly Creek Cider Mill which is one of my favorite places in the world. The store their is amazing and the cider is to die for. It's also about 10 minutes from the baseball hall of fame, we don't go this year though because we went last year. We did go exploring at Howe Caverns though which is always fun. 
You're probably wondering what the hell is in that bottom left picture. Well, I'm not ashamed to admit that that's the blank/pillow fort that I stayed in during Hurricane Sandy because The Beef was stranded at work. 
And finally, we were able to decorate our house for Halloween for the first time which was really fun if you ignore the fact that we didn't get a single person at the house on Halloween night.


I got really into collages in November.
I also took a solo road trip to MD to hang out with the fanciest pregnant lady that I know. 
Burnt out from all the risotto I made the month before I lost the will to cook, leading us to explore the world of pre-made food at the grocery store which always turned into a mini thanksgiving complete with all the trimmings. Pair it with hot chocolate or pumpkin egg nog and you're completely festive. 
We got together with friends for a poker game and I was a little rusty and unlucky so I got to sit on the sidelines from early on and watch The Beef rake in the chips. 
We decorated the house for Christmas as is our November custom and spent lots of time snuggling by the fire in our wood stove. 


One night I forgot to bring food to work and I was really hungry, the beef wasn't up to anything so he stopped by with an entire chicken and we at it in his truck. He had piano Christmas music playing because he is adorable, romantic and festive.
We also took the 7 hour road trip to visit his mother & step father out in Pennsylvania. It seems to  work the best for "everyone" if we leave at 11pm when I get out of work and I drive while the Beef sleeps. 
I baked so many things in december I've officially lost count. Cookies, cake pops, peanbut butter balls, it was a never ending fury in my kitchen. Dear Button of December 2013, I really hope you find this note. I know you're looking back fondly at the memories of last December where everyone loved your baked goods but honestly, you were traumatized, it was awful, and you swore to never do it again. So do yourself a favor and go easy this year. Love, December 2012 Button.
And finally December ment Christmas, with all the driving around and delivering presents and general awesomeness that the Holiday season brings. 

So there you have it my 2012 all packaged up for you.  How was your year? Do you like looking back? I think it's a nice reminder. Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me though. 


  1. ::standing ovation::

    I also like my men in a basket with bowties. (Actually the first time I hung out with my husband he had on a bowtie.)

    It sounds like you guys had a wonderful year and I hope your 2013 is even more spectacular than you could ever dream of!

    1. It really was a great year and I'm sure we have even bigger and better things waiting for us in the year to come. Your 2012 wasn't too shabby either ;) Your daughter is absolutely adorable.