Sending Christmas Cards!

Every year my Christmas cards are in the mail before December gets here. I try to get them out the day after Thanksgiving. Mostly I do this because every year I have a different address and I want to get a jump on everyone so they can have my new address. This is, if they actually take the time to look at the return address I put on the envelope. Another reason is that for some reason I absolutely love it when people say "You were my first Christmas card this year!". I have no idea why but I get a really big kick out of it. 

Anyway, I neglected my blog last year so you I didn't get to share what our card looked like which is real shame because in my opinion it's kind of cute. We had a Christmas party last December and one of the features was backdrop we created and took pictures of everyone in front of, it came in handy Christmas card purposes and for a while a lot of my Facebook friends all had the same stripped background on their profile pictures which was something you don't see very often. So without further ado this is last years card:

Christmas Hats are awesome.
This year I used pinterest as my inspiration and had a friend come over and take some shots of us.  I'm not sure if you've pick up on this but I'm addicted to all things tacky and cheesy, The Beef included. So this year our card is apparently giving people a toothache. Mission accomplished.

This year was unique in that we had a special edition Christmas card. About 50 of the above cards went out and 10 of the one featured below. I don't normally do this but instead of using the stock card with pictures inserted (as shown above) for this 2nd design I did the entire thing myself and I wasn't sure how the quality of the image would turn out when vistaprint sent it back to me. Now that I know I can trust their website when they say the picture quality is good I may be taking this route more often. 

This is what a Christmas card looks like when The Beef and I collaborate. The Metal Christmas Card featuring fonts from Metallica, Megadeth & Children of Bodom. I had to throw the snowflakes in there to maintain some semblance of holiday cheer because some how the words Merry Christmas weren't enough to counter all of the black.  I'm actually pretty torn over how I feel about the card. Part of me thinks it's awesome and wants to throw up some horns to salute it and the more traditional part of me wants to clutch her pearls.

Now that we have this customizable power under control next years card should be something special.

What about you? Do you do picture cards? Do you do cards at all?

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