A year in review Pt. 1

Inspired by the year in review I've been seeing other bloggers doing I've decided to come forth with one of my own. I think it makes sense and it will certainly fill in the blanks for the time I went M.I.A on this blog. So three months at a time, every Monday for the rest of the year. 

A pretty crazy month! 
I got my first New Years Eve kiss from The Beef.
The furnace at my mother's house malfunctioned and the saftey went off bringing the water temp to 210 degrees. Then when I was getting out of the shower the hot water knob broke off the wall and that 210 degree water came shooting out of the wall leaving me with burns on my hand and leg. Thankfully I'm all healed now, but it was a rough couple of weeks.
I passed my CNA certification test even with my hand all bandaged up after I begged and pleaded with them to actually let me take it. 
I took The Beef to see his one of his favorite bands, Megadeth for the 2nd time. I was heartbroken to see him disappointed in their performance the first time around but since the lead singer had just had neck surgery I figured this time would be better. Unfortunately  I was wrong. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. 


I think February wins as most fun month of the year. 
It started out with me winning the superbowl. (You read that right)
Then we went on a 7 day cruise with my BFF & her man piece, they even got engaged at sea. 
Then instead of hoping a plane to come home when the boat docked we went to disney for the weekend to meet up with some of my bitches and had a grand old time.


An unseasonably warm month this year. We went hiking in many places.
Celebrated St. Patrick's day like champs with friends and a bonfire.
Enjoyed the warm weather by going camping earlier than I've ever gone. 
And I took the The Beef to Old Sturbridge Village because I couldn't believe that he'd never had a class trip there as a kid. (If you're anywhere in the are you NEED to go, it's awesome.)

How did the first quarter of your year pan out?


  1. YOUR HAND!!! AHHHH! (And your leg too, but that was not pictured so I can only react to the hand.) I'm so glad you're okay now. That's terrible!

    February definitely sounds like it was MUCH better!

  2. UGH! That hand! I forgot about that!

    Maybe next year's review will include another GTG with The Canadian ;)