A year in review pt. 3

For those not paying attention at home, we started out with the first three months, then moved on to the next three. With half of the year already done it's only logical to move onto the 3rd quarter of the year. So without further ado I bring you July, August & September. 


Thinking back I couldn't remember a darn thing that I did in July. I had to check out my social media footprint for answers and then it all came back to me. I went insane in July and picked up every free shift they had available to me at work. I was there in 16 clips like my life depended on it. Because of this I really didn't do much except for go to one BBQ which is where the above pictures were taken. I didn't take any other pictures the entire month. Though if I'm being honest I think the top picture of the beef drinking while swinging on a tire swing deserves a month all it's own.


The temperature rose and the private beach we have rights to was suddenly jam packed all the time and that made swimming not fun. Everyone and their mother took their boat out so that made taking our boat out not fun because as big as the lake is, there just didn't seem to be room for everyone. So we decided to make our own fun and put an inflatable pool out on the deck. The Beef enjoyed it in his pajamas. FYI water from the hose is FREEZING. 
I eased up on my work insanity this month and actually kept one of my three day weekends. I hatched a plan to surprise The Beef with another camping trip. So one Friday night when I got out of work we hit the road and drove all through the night. Imagine his surprise when he woke up and we were in Niagara Falls! We did a whole bunch of touristy things on both sides off the falls and had an absolute blast. It had been about a million years since I'd gone and he'd neve been so it was a real treat for both of us and a very welcome getaway. 



I kept working a lot and since I wasn't around much The Beef did fun things like go to fairs without me. He didn't want me to feel too left out though so he road home on his bike with a prize that he won me. 
I got into the swing of football season and changed from summer clothes to sports logo outfits. Seriously though, how about them Irish?!
We celebrated The Beefs birthday in a low key fashion, as was his preference.
And my little blue eyed psycho started building weapons in his work shop for fun our of random bits of wood and metal he came across. It's actually pretty impressive. Bring on the zombies!!

Alright the year's almost over, tune in next Monday for the final round up of 2012!

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