Never again...

I did something very bad yesterday.

While out at the grocery store I stumbled upon some holiday flavored coffee creamers and I just could not resist. This is very strange because I usually just stick to my boring original flavored powered creamer and call it a day. I'm not even drinking as much coffee as I used to, sometimes I go a week without. Whatever the reason those two bottle came home with me and I was pumped to give them a try. So pumped that I had 2 gigantic cups of coffee very late in the day, if my caffeine tolerance had been higher this might not have been such an issue but I've been avoiding caffeine as much as possible lately so this was bad news. 

Flash forward to 2:30 this morning and I'm in my kitchen all wired, bug eyed and finishing up my 2nd batch of cake pops. I baked the cakes, rolled the dough, dipped the balls, bagged them up, tied the bags off and then curled the ribbon on the bags. I am nothing if not efficient. 90 cake pops later I still had trouble falling asleep.

For those curious the chocolate covered pops are chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and the white covered pops are red velvet with cream cheese frosting. 

These cake pops are always a big hit and I'm pretty sure about 50 of them are already spoken for. 

P.S Have you seen this? 
I'm guilty many of those things and I think it's hilarious. 

Speaking of selfies:

How perfect/awesome is this shirt? I'm pretty pumped about it. Not sure if you could tell. 


  1. That shirt is AMAZING and the cake pops look delicious. That is probably the best use of caffeine induced insomnia time that I've ever seen.

    1. I'm pretty big on being super productive when I can't sleep.