Things that make me happy.

I'm trying to lighten the mood in my brain so I started going through the pictures on my phone looking for a chuckle and here's what I found out. I figured I needed a double pick me up so instead of 5 things from my phone that make me happy I'm going to show you ten.

Text messages like this.

My salty sea captain boyfriend. 

The Beef staring at himself as a salty sea captain on my computer.

The Beef posing with a santa statue he found.

The ginger bread xmas tree The Beef & his man friend made over the weekend.

The awesome cake pop snowman I made.

The delightful gingerbread house Fishy and I made over the weekend.

The disembodied Santa & Mrs. Claus ornaments I got for Christmas.

Conversations like this.

Babies wearing the Christmas outfits I gave them.

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