Advent Calendar

I'm at that point in my life where most of my childhood holiday traditions just aren't happening anymore and in their place new ones are forming. It's both incredibly sad and exciting depending on my mood. One new tradition that I feel just might stick around is the advent calendar that The Beef and I are doing this year. 

Growing up I was a big fan of advent calendars because it meant that I got to have a piece of chocolate every day. Usually my parents got the cardboard kind with the little perforated doors that you pretty much had to rip open to the the christmas treat shaped chocolate out of.  They usually looked like this. 

Oh memories...
I thought it was well and good but I always wanted something more permanent, something to go back to year after year. The advent calendar featured in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation comes to mind.

 I could actually purchase that glorious piece of holiday cheer here for around $1200. Unfortunately, that's not currently in the budget though one day I would absolutely love to have one. 

In the mean time though I've got a more than acceptable substitute that's much more interactive and fun.

Back in July or August my mother and I wandered in to Michaels and much to my horror (excitement) they already had Christmas things out. One such item was an unfinished wooden christmas tree/advent calendar that I just HAD to have. So I snatched up with along with some paint and brought it home with me. I started working on it right away and was teased mercilessly by The Beef and Duddits for doing Christmas projects in the summer. Screw them, I think it looks marvelous.

There are 25 little drawers in the tree, I've painted a number on each to correspond with the days from December 1st all the way to Christmas day. The Beef and I decided to split the drawers. I took the odd numbers and he took the evens so we're each getting a little something fun every other day. 

Here's the booty thus far:
 Day 1: The beef got 10 steel wheat pennies for his coin collection.

Day 2: I got a hippopotamus for Christmas! And a funny little rhyme to go along with it.  
Somebody wants one of these for Christmas. Only of of these things will do.
Not sure if you are that somebody, but I went out and got one of these for you! xoxoxo

Day 3: The Beef got his Theft Prevention lighter decal that I mentioned yesterday. 

Day 4: I was home sick and feeling pretty miserable and the beef kept my mind off of how shitty I was feeling by using apps on his iphone to quiz me about Christmas because I'm such a nut over it. It was gloriously fun. 

What kind of Christmas traditions do you have? Do you do any kind of Christmas countdown?


  1. Holy crap you are AMAZING. That advent calendar looks fantastic! I want to do something like that in a couple years when B is a little older and we can paint it together.

    I always loved the one in Christmas Vacation, but growing up we had the chocolate ones too. I got one last year just for fun. That chocolate is horrible, but I ate it anyway.

    1. It really is the worst chocolate ever, I didn't even know they still made them!