My Etsy Obsession

I was going to wait until after the holiday's to write this but it's so early in the month that I thought I might try to be a little bit helpful. I know most people aren't done or still haven't started their Christmas shopping today so I thought I would share some of my obsession and tell you about a few of the Etsy shops that have helped to make my gift finding experience awesome. For obvious reasons I can't tell you what exactly I bought from them but I thought just putting this out there might be helpful just the same.

FYI, I'm getting nothing from these shops in return for recommending them. I shopped Etsy like mad this year and have chosen to leave quite a few shops off of this list. 

I went bananas at this shop last week and took full advantage of their buy 2 get 1 Free offer. Not only did I get adorable prints for other people but I found some great block filigree typography prints on recycled dictionary pages as well as the state of CT shown above to fill the blank space in a super cute way that's been bugging me in our bedroom. 

This order came super fast and the towel I ordered (not the one pictures above, though I wouldn't mind it for myself) was just as cute as it appeared in the picture. It's going to look just adorable in the recipients kitchen in a few weeks. 

I would buy out this shop just for how adorably everything is packaged. I was a little nervous ordering something that was glass but it showed up really quick, safe and sound nestled in a little box like the on pictured above. I know a few guys who would benefit greatly from getting gifts at this shop. 

If you want adorable soap that smells like awesome this is the place for you. I was really nervous about the ones I ordered not looking as good as the picture but it turns out that it looked even better and it's probably the stocking stuffer I'm most excited to see opened up this year. 

I think this shop is amazing and has some really creative and beautiful pieces. I had them on my favorites list for months before I could decide what design I wanted to go with. 

I already gave this gift so I can post the picture here. I think this is awesome and if your sense of humor is anywhere in line with mine you're going to get one hell of a kick out of this shop. They even do custom text in case nothing happens to tickle your fancy.

I mentioned this shop in instagram a while back just because of their name which amuses me to no end. The lighter decal above is actually what I purchased much to the delight of The Beef who already received the gift. Lighter theft is a big deal around here and even if this doesn't actually deter it at least it's something to laugh about. Decals aren't the only thing this shop offers though and one of their items can be found on my own pinterest "i want" board (hint hint), it's a super awesome needle point pattern. That's right, I said needle point, go check out out.

I wish these were the ones that I bought, I might have to make another trip to the shop. Products are available in pin or magnet form. I went with magnets because I'm not sure what to do with pins. I was nervous about the quality at first because the price was low and some times you can never be sure. I'm happy to say that the quality is awesome and I will be purchasing from this shop again in probably the VERY near future.

Unfortunately, this shops deadline for Christmas shopping was yesterday, but I love what I got so much that I just had to share. So the above image is kind of what I bought, at least it's a picture from the listing that I ordered off of. After a quick convo with Jessica, who is fantastically responsive, back in June (I get an early start) I discovered that I could indeed customize the spoon ornament. The product arrived in a timely manner and was more than I could have hoped for. It's not just all about spoon ornaments though, there's a big variety of awesome at the shop that you would do well to check out. 

I hope that was helpful!

How are you getting along with your shopping?


  1. My wallet is crying right now. This stuff is all so cute! I LOVE that Connecticut print (I think the Maryland one will be coming to my house). And the spoon! I'm sad I missed the deadline on them. :(

    1. The best part about a new baby (and this is pretty much all I know about babies) is that if you get the spoon now, she'll never know it wasn't there for her first xmas. ;)