Organization or Insanity?


Apparently I'm agoraphobic this year because my Christmas shopping is done and I've yet to purchase a single thing at a store. That's right, I owned cyber Monday. What this means now is I have about a million things to keep track of and I'm constantly paranoid that something will not arrive and I won't even notice. So I've created a spreadsheet.

My non OCD friends like to make fun of this and my super OCD friends tell me that theirs is better. I'm alright with being in the middle.

I've decided to share a screen shot of mine with you but first I had to switch out all the info so I wasn't spoiling anyones christmas surprise.

I've even got other peoples shopping information in there because I'm super nice like that. And yes I've even given a gift already and not because I was too excited, ok maybe I was, but it was actually a recipe binder for my mother and I panicked because she was talking about organizing her recipes the week before Christmas when she was off from work. So I feel like I'm completely justified, just like the ornament I gave her last week so she could have it in time for decorating her tree. I swear she's the only one I do this with and to this day I just can't help myself. 

So what do you think of my Christmas gift spread sheet? Too much? Not enough? Have I inspired you? Do you think I'm nuts? 

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