New Years Resolutions

I'm not usually one for making resolutions because I instantly forget about them until about 6 months later when it's my birthday and I'm taking stock in my life again. This year I thought that maybe I could try to use the blog to hold myself accountable. 

So here's what I'm going to try and accomplish in 2013:

1. Be more adventurous with fashion choices. I'm not going to go balls out trendy or anything but I need to be a bit less boring with my clothes and hair. I'm terrified of change and sometimes I look like a bum, that needs to change. 

2. Run 5K. I'm not even saying that I'm going to run in one, I just want to run that distance, not walk, not jog, run in 20-30 minutes. Truth be told if I said I wanted to run in a 5k it would probably never happen, just the thought of having to run around others scares the crap out of me, that would be no motivation what so ever. 

3. Get myself on a schedule. I've completely lost my groove, I have no structure, I need to get that back because if I'm not held to a schedule I'm a mess and so is the house and the rest of my life. 

4. Cook more often and blog about it so I can share my experience. I need to step outside of my cooking safety zone more often, though that might mean that The Beef will have to make his own dinner every so often.

5. I want to learn something new, I haven't decided what yet but I want to acquire a new skill this year. Any suggestions? 

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