I love linking up

So thanks to Ducky I discovered #ippp which just might be the best link up ever because the only rules are that I need to have at least one picture from my phone in the post. I think almost every post I have contains one picture from my phone. You can see the other link ups over at Greta's blog.


The Beef woke up one day this week not feeling well and decided that going to work wouldn't be the best course of action. I don't know about you but when I'm sick, I am useless. When The Beef is sick he's productive. He decided that our bathroom needed some additions and went to work on making it so.

A few hours later I woke up from my coma of exhaustion completely unaware of the mornings activities, scared to death because I could hear that someone else was in the house. What I found was The Beef who was very pleased with himself (and rightfully so) and a bathroom that was just a little bit more helpful than before.

Here are our new additions:

Door hangers for the bathrobes that are screwed in and won't come flying down at us like weapons whenever we move the door.

Flower decals to cover up the marks on the walls left by hooks that were removed.

A new shower head that rains gently upon you (but not so gently that it takes forever to get soap out of my super thick hair). He got this because he was too tall for the other shower head and always had to duck underneath it.

A caddy for our things so we no longer have an army of bottles on the floor of the shower.

A toilet paper holder that stays still instead of the free standing one that was always dancing around the bathroom and falling over.

Perhaps he should get sick more often. ;)


  1. Okay, that's awesome. My husband's not very productive at all, especially when he's sick!

    Thanks for linking up with me and Julie! I completely's the best linky ever. ;)

  2. Your husband went shopping for things that weren't electronics or sports related then INSTALLED said things in the same day? While sick? And not expecting you to take care of him?

    I call bullshit. This is a fictional character. ;)

    1. Electronics or sports related items are rarely on his shopping list if anything tools are his "why are you spending money on more of those?!" items. The nice side effect of that is he likes to use the tools and he's quite handy around the house.

  3. GO BEEF!

    Can I borrow him for a bit? Or at least get him to talk to Mr. Dan?

  4. Wait, a man-cold that results in home construction?!?!?! WHERE DID YOU FIND HIM?!?! And can we send around some infected tissues / cottonballs / SOMETHING? I'll pay...

    1. I found him in my 6th grade english class and in the the 17 years since I've never met anyone else like him. I sometimes call him my Martian.