Something new, part two!

About a week ago I told you about the new glasses I ordered online. What I didn't mentioned was that I also took advantage of a second website that offered the same promotion of get your first pair of glasses free. I was pointed in the direction of this website by Salt who was asked to do a review for

After hours and hours of looking through their selection I finally did what I do best and put my top four choices to a vote to the ladies that I trust the most and ended up deciding on two choices. These in green and these in all black.

My order was placed on December 26th and arrived on January 9th, a tracking number was provided on January 6th when the order was shipped, there were also regular updates on the website as to the status of the order.

The first pair of glasses were listed as $49 while the second was $8. When I put the first pair free coupon code into the website firmoo was awesome enough to apply the discount to the more expensive pair of glasses. $8 for the 2nd pair, 12.95 for shipping and $20.95 later I've got 2 new pairs of glasses on my way. 

They arrived in a bubble wrap lined manilla envelope, each in their own hard case with cleaning cloth & a key chain screwdriver that also came with tiny screws. 

I'm really happy with the quality of the glasses and I'll be ordering from them again, especially with such low prices.  And without further ado, here is what they look like on my face! 


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