Workout Wednesday Week #2

I'm in the process of a 12 week fitness program. I'm using the blog to hold myself accountable.
I'll be checking in on the Monday through Sunday prior every Wednesday this will give me enough time to compile my stats and sort out my notes. I'm always too busy on the weekend and I really want to have a solid honest check in, hence the delay. 

Stats for the week: 
1/21 - 1/27

Workouts completed: 

60 minutes yoga

Miles for the week:
 3.92 miles

Miles total: 
12.82 miles


  • I forgot to bring food to work one day and had to make due with less than healthy substitutes and it kind of bummed me out but I didn't let it completely derail me.
  • I've been great about preparing meals ahead of time and it has been a huge help.  

  • I'm spending too much time focusing on the scale and not enough focusing on my fitness progress.
  • The temperature dropped & we lost water for most of the week which made it hard to work out because I had to shower at other peoples houses.
  • I got the respiratory infection from hell that made me winded from walking to the bathroom and made me almost pass out from anything more strenuous. 

Noteworthy Recipes:

Nothing new, I'm living off of leftovers from last week and cereal. 

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