Breakfast Time!

I am notorious for skipping breakfast. I have an arsenal of excuses. As I'm trying to eat healthier I've recognized the importance of breakfast and I'd like to share a few of the meals I've been eating incase it'll change someone else's mind too. 

1. Cereal
I know, so boring and predictable right? The truth is, I love cereal, It's been on sale like crazy so I've been buying it like crazy. To keep it exciting I actually combine my cereals. For instance this morning I had one serving size of Fiber One Original (which looks like the stuff you get out of the vending machine at the petting zoo but tastes amazing.) and one serving size of Fiber One Chocolate. Toss in a half a serving of light vanilla soy milk and you've got yourself 175 calories of pure heaven. 

2. Hot Cereal 
Also boring and predictable, right? Well, morning is my mortal enemy and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet so I need to keep it simple. 
What I do though is take one packet of original plain instant cream of wheat or oatmeal and mix in 1/3 cup of  granola (withe ingredients you can see & pronounce!) . I use Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds (5g fiber, 720mg omega-3, etc) so when I pour the water in the flavoring distributes and I have no need for whatever that shady quaker oats guy is lacing his oatmeal with. All for only 230 calories and great when it's freezing out. 

3. Bacon, Egg & Cheese
That probably through you for a loop, didn't it? And honestly this version doesn't take much longer than throwing together my oatmeal. In the microwave wrapped in paper towel I zap a piece of turkey bacon for about a minute, take it out and crumble it. Then in a microwave safe bowl that I've sprayed with non stick spray I zap 1/2 cup liquid egg whites & 1/4 cup regular egg substitute (you can do just regular egg substitute but I use the egg whites b/c they have less sodium) for 90 seconds. Take it out, toss in bacon and stir, zap it for another 45 seconds, take it out, mix in 3 tablespoons of shredded reduced fat cheddar , stir it up and zap for another 20 seconds and you're all set. My only advice is to wash the bowl right away after you're done because that cheese is a pain in the butt to get off when it hardens. And this super yummy comfort breakfast will only set you back about 200 calories. 

I'll keep you updated as I continue to navigate the strange new world of breakfast. 


  1. I'm awful about eating breakfast. But I'm trying to do better, I do like yogurt--greek style--with granola. I like making granola. It's pretty easy and then I get to put in stuff I like.

    1. I never really thought about making my own granola. I only really like it in my hot cereal because it gets soft, I'm curious how I might like it in my yogurt though. I'll have to get it a try.

  2. I miss cereal. It has been years and years and YEARS since I have eaten cereal. With my diabetes it's just not a good combo for some reason. Doesn't matter what kind I try. Take some extra enjoyment in your cereal for me next bowl around :)