Something New!

After noticing that I couldn't read things from across the room anymore and getting lost because I couldn't read highway signs I started wearing glasses in December 2008. Though I probably should have gotten them sooner.

Not knowing anything about glasses I wandered in the mall and found lens crafters, they got me in for an appointment with the eye doctor and when that was done they threw me out to the sales floor at the mercy of the frames salesmen. It was terrifying. 

I was hardly used to wearing sunglasses so the thought of something sitting on my face all the time freaked me out. Every time I tried on a pair of frames I suddenly became a commitment-phoebe. Somehow I made a decision and ended up with glasses that were all wrong for me, though I didn't know it until almost a year later when my very honest uncle finally said something. Wrong shape & color, not cute at all. 

Eventually the lenses were too scratched to see through comfortably so I went back to the eye doctor, got my eyes rechecked (no change) and once again found myself at the mercy of the sales people. A little bit smarter this time though and the result of my purchase was a boring set a frames that was a better style and color for me. Though they were rather expensive.

They've served me well and managed to still sit upon my nose to this day, even though they're held together by wire because a screw is missing and I haven't replaced it yet. Despite my glasses being fine I've been itching for a pair that's slightly less boring. So right after Christmas I found myself back at lens crafters to get my eyes checked (still no change) and once again at the mercy of the sales people. 

It was the day after Christmas which meant I was officially all out of holiday cheer especially after having to work the night before. The sales people never stood a chance. I was just not in the mood to buy anything and no matter how many offers of help they gave me I didn't budge. 

Though I did manage to fall in love with a pair of frames made by Tiffanys but there is no way in hell I was going to spend that kind of money. So I left the store prescription in hand, slightly grumpy wondering what I would do. 

A friend of mine recommended that I try because she's had success with them in the past. They offer a program where you get your first pair of glasses free so I figured I didn't have much to loose. I was even able to upload a picture of myself for their "Try On View" feature. 

After hours and hours of looking through their selection I finally did what I do best and put my top three choices to a vote to the ladies that I trust the most and ended up with a decision.

My order was placed on December 26th and immediately I was giving an estimated date of January 4th. That is exactly when they arrived.

The pair that I decided on was listed as $79 for frames AND lenses. What I ended up paying was $7.95 for shipping and $5.49 for handling & insurance for a grand total of $13.44 for a brand new pair of glasses and frames.

It arrived in a little box that contained a really good quality hard case, some cleaning solution, a cloth and a tiny double sided screwdriver attached to a key chain and of course my new glasses.

They happen to look like this:

Pardon my face, at 4am or really any time of day I can't take self portraits seriously, blame myspace.

So my point with all of this is that if you know what numbers to punch into the prescription info on than I suggest you give them a try. Who doesn't need free glasses? If anything it's a great way to try out a style you might have been too chicken to try.