Oh pinterest...

Deciding to post one craft a week was a great idea, it gave me the kick in the pants I needed. The creative juices started to flow and I starting planning out which project to do first. I had a couple of good ideas and I was raring to go when one last pitstop on pinterest completely sidetracked me. 

Someone had posted a new pin:

Sure, I've seen plenty of pallet headboards on Pinterest, I was interested in that, I had my sights set on making a different headboard. I just hadn't gotten around to it yet, I couldn't find the wood or the fabric that I wanted. 

For whatever reason a light bulb went off in my head and I decided that this was the project I was going to let inspire me into a new headboard. 

After sorting through my pallets I decided that this one had the best wood for this type of project. Unfortunately, the nails were rusty which meant it was near impossible to get apart. I'm alright with compromising from time to time so an easy solution was met.

That is not me cutting the pallet, men don't seem to like missing an opportunity to use power tools.

I ended up with these pieces of wood after the cutting, some of them were cracked a bit so wood glue came in handy. After measuring the bed and seeing what I had to work with I decided  what shape our headboard would be.

Once the shape was decided it was time to secure the pieces of wood together. I decided on brackets for the length and wood for the height because I didn't want to buy 48 brackets.

The funny thing about power tools is that apparently the electric sander doesn't count, so I was able to do that. 

Drills however are power tools and wasn't I too busy sanding to use it anyway?

 This is what the back of the headboard looks like once put together. The rogue boards on the bottom are the result of me forgetting I had a piece of the headboard hidden on the side hoping the wood glue wood dry. It needed to be tacked on at the last minute. *face palm*

 And this would be the front of the headboard, sanded and ready for staining. 

Freshly stained 

The next day, All done.

And some added carving :)

We haven't put it up yet because there just hasn't been any time, but I'm sure you'll see it in all it's glory when I do the tour of our bedroom.

What craft projects are you currently working on?

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