A room to bathe in.

Today's tour is going to be of our bathroom, you'll find it to be extremely different from my last one but despite the lack of amazing bathtub I think I like this one bettet because it inspired a lot of projects.

The little laundry nook, complete with pinterest inspired hanging baskets, curtains that we made from a cloth shower curtain and a little lego harry potter sitting on the window. I'd also like you to notice that from out the window on the left you can see our deck, it makes for an interesting time if someone forgets to shut the curtain while we have company outside.

There is no way to take a picture of a washer/dryer that makes it look cool, but I told you about it so I knew I had to include. I absolutely love having it in the bathroom, it is beyond convenient. 

And here is the part where I can showcase our complete lack of storage space, cute pedestal sink, random free standing toilet paper holder, and the gigantic mirror. I would also like you to notice that there are only 2 bathrobes and only one of them is mine. I finally got over my need to have an obscene amount of bathrobes. 

As much as I miss having a bath tub I know that it just wouldn't fit in this bathroom so I am at peace with our stand up shower. The bright side of this is that I am not smashing my foot or calf on anything while entering and exiting the shower. Because we are without a medecine cabinet we have this super handy dandy shelving unit on the left full of all sorts of treasures, exposed for the whole world to see (if they dared to enter our bathroom that is).

Ah, another pinterest inspired creation, the magnetic make up board. . I'll admit that I did not need this, there's a basket on the back of the toilet that would have held everything just fine, but honestly, this cost about $5 to make and it adds a delightful pop of color, also, it's just freaking cool. 

Here's another idea that pinterest helped create. Because of our lack of space we needed a place to put toiletries and towels, I showed the Beef some pins and this is what he came up with because he's super handy and likes it when I smile. I took the towels off so you could actually see it. 

And last but not least, what you're seeing here is the cabinet that houses the water heater, what is actually important is the motto that everyone should live by. Your day doesn't start out right if you don't give this sign a slap on the way out the door. 

So that's my little bathroom, it's not fancy but I sure as heck like it. 

How do you feel about your bathroom?

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