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This weeks abuse of the search bar is brought to you by BATMAN! 
Just another one of my obsessions.

Our first stop is Esty over at the shop of Keep Calm and Stay Gold. Now I'll admit that after a while this whole Keep Calm and whatever trend gets pretty old, but then every once in a while you come across one you haven't seen a million times and it really tickles your fancy. That's what happened here.
I want this.

My next stop was Pinterest (Stop? Psssh...I live there.)  via 
where for whatever reason this exists.

I would like to be invited to that party.

Amazon was next on my hitlist and I'll admit that what I found confused me.

Since when is Batman supposed to be adorable?!

Moving on, perhaps Artfire will turn up something better. So I headed over to Poppys Wicked Garden, well that sounds fun. I know everyone has a different idea of fun, but I'm still not sure how I feel about this.
I meeeeean....

If nothing else, Ebay is always good for something interesting. Today they delivered...

Confused? Perhaps the description of the item will help you.

This item was purchased new and USED ONLY ONCE. However it was intentionally "aged" to make Batman appear OLD and WORN OUT! There are uspecial, nique and intentional BURN MARKS, DIRT SCUFF MARKS, SMALL RIPS & TEARS, and OLD DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!   (Sorry for the lousy picture, but that's the actual item as recently worn at benefit event)
Currently selling for $50 online
All you need to do is add the Catheter Bag and Hose (as shown but not included - you wouldn't want it anyway ;-) ), or Old People Sunglasses (INCLUDED!!!!!), or Foot Boot/Brace (as shown but not included), or a Walker, Cane, Crutch, or "BatMobile Handicapped Scooter" for a special and unique costume unlike any other.  Add a pillow for some belly stuffing and now you've got "FATMAN" the superhero!
In this special costume,  Batman's ears are torn and duct tapped back on. His boot coverings are burnt at the ends, he has duct tape holding him together in places, and he's been "burned and scorched" (yeah, real burns)  through too many failed rescues as he got older and s l o w e r   ! :-)

And last but certainly not least, craigslist, where dreams come true.

I wish I cold play the saxophone.

Sax player wanted for superhero group! I am forming a theatrical band called The Super Friends. Each member dresses as a different superhero. I will be the classic Adam West Batman on guitar. Need a trumpet player and saxaphonist for the horn section. You can be Superman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Captain America, Green Hornet or any classic DC superhero. Looking to play songs that were popular during the classic Batman TV show from the 60's. A lot of fun party music with horn section, keyboards and three part harmonies. Songs like... The Ventures - Hawaii Five-0, The Buckinghams - Kind Of A Drag, Dick Dale - Misirlou, The Outsiders - Time Won't Let Me, The Doors - Touch Me, Neal Hefty - Batman Theme, Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints, The Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles, Queen - Flash, Wonder Woman Theme, American Breed - Bend Me Shape Me, Safari's - Wipe Out, Shocking Blue - Venus, etc. Eventually we will attract the Comic Con fans and they will show up to shows dressed in their favorite superhero costumes. Maybe we can have them interact with us and make up some skits between songs. We can probably play Comic Cons, oldies bars, and hip Brooklyn establishments. This concept could work just about anywhere. Looking to practice around once a week or with individual members. Please respond with Facebook page, pics or website. I have had many responses to this ad from people who seem interested, only to never hear from them again. Only respond of you are interested! Oh, and please be under 40. Thank you good citizen!

- Bob
The Super Friends 

And that's that for this week in search bar abuse. Do you think anyone would come if I had a party where everyone dressed up like batman? 

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