He's a big fan, of fans.

Last week the power went out at about 7am, the Beef said a trasformer blew. I just had to take his word for it. Honestly, I'm just glad that he was here otherwise I probably wouldn't have realized it was a neighborhood issue. I'm embarrassed to think about the completely off base conclusions I probably would have come up with. Apparently, it made a loud banging noise but I don't even hear my alarm clock so why should I hear that? What did wake me up was the sudden dead silene in the room. 

Here's some completely vital back story:

When I was a baby my mother always had a radio playing near me so I could sleep through anything. She liked the fact that she could vacuum under my crib and I wouldn't budge. However, as I got older I developed a preference for a complete lack of light and sound at bedtime. 

Unfortunately, due to my choice of who I've shared my bedroom with over the years that has not always been possible, lots of people apparently to fall asleep with the TV on. Thank god for sleep timers, I'll just wait until it's over and you're snoring.

When the Beef and I moved into the cabin we agreed not to have a TV in the bedroom because he also prefers to not have light at bedtime. However, he because restless if there is complete silence, he prefers white noise (not that terrible movie, no one prefers that). To solve this issue we have a fan going all night, this is a bonus because I prefer to sleep in the tundra. If I don't focus on the noise it's not a problem for me and apparently over the last year or so I've grown quite used to it. 

I say this because despite the fact that I can't hear my alarm the sound of the fan turning off leaving the room in absolute silence woke me up in a confused panic. 

As a side note (because I haven't rambled enough) it's amazing how productive you can be during a 90 minute power outage. 

What are your sleeping habits? Light? Sound? Am I too picky?

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