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Stay tuned for a whole new cycle of invading my personal space. For a while the Beef and I were scoping out new places to live. We could afford to be picky because we weren't locked into a lease. As much as we (mostly me) were dying to move it was more important for us to be patient and end up in a place that was right for us.
So there I was, everyday, online checking out every rental listing I could get my little hands on. Nothing seemed promising. Nothing seemed to fit what we wanted and this is where I'm glad I'm stubborn. In those moments of weakness when we'd gone to check out another place and thought "well, we could live there...." I would chime in with "'s not what we want."
Apparently part of growing up is not letting sheer desperation win out in important situations. Sure, those other places probably would have been fine, for a while, but we were looking to enjoy our new space, not tolerate it.
Our wishlist was not simple, and in this area, kind of insane. We wanted to keep the cost of rent down so we would still be able to save money, we didn't want share a wall with anyone (no apartments), we wanted onsite laundry and a place to keep the motorcycle indoors. The more we looked around, the more it seemed impossible.
So I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do. I gave up looking. I stopped thinking about moving, I let it just fade into the background and focused on life for a bit. A few weeks passed and I hadn't thought about moving at all. I went to work, I came home, I started the hiring process at a new job and life was alright.
Then out of the blue I decided to check out some rentals on craigslist for shits and giggle.
And wouldn't you know, there it was, a brand new posting for a little cabin up by the lake. There weren't many pictures but something told me this was worth looking into. We made an appointment and went to see the cabin the next day.
I had this to say about it to some friends after we went to look at the place:

We may have just found a new place to live....

Pros: single family house (no sharing walls with neighbors) , lots of outdoor deck space, washer and dryer, beach access (which I later found out also meant boat slip)

Cons: in desperate need of a deep cleaning and a paint job (inside), there's an attached 3 season room we wouldn't have access to bc the owner dumps all of his shit in it, (false, the shit was from old tenants and the landlord agreed to remove whatever we didn't want from the room) and the yard is kind of a mess. 

Other: its a mile and a half from my mothers house.

All of that took place on March 22nd. Together we decided that we wanted the place and let the landlord know. The landlord, who by the way turned out to be one of the coolest guys in the world. The lease was set to start April 1st, but we were allowed in earlier to for painting and cleaning, which it really needed.

The nicest part about the move was that most of my stuff was in storage, so I could move it all into the cabin without actually missing anything from my day to day life. We did not end up officially moving in for about a week into April so all we had to do was bring over the bed, the entire place was set up and organized and we could just live there without boxes.

So since we were so desperate to move, why did we take an entire extra week? There's nothing bad about living with boxes and unpacking as you go. I wish I could tell you it was because of work or something really important. The true is I'm a scardy pants and the Beef had just started a week of over night shifts. I didn't want to spend the first week in the new place all by my lonesome at night. That's pretty true to my character but it didn't help that when we were cleaning the place up I found something creepy in the closet:

Oh, Hell No!

So be prepared, you'll get to explore our little cabin one room at a time in the up coming weeks.

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