Someones in the kitchen with Button...

I need The Beef to help me hang the headboard still so you're getting a tour of the kitchen instead of the bedroom, it's probably more exciting anyway. 

When you first walk into the kitchen this is what you see, our refrigerator complete with birthday cards, martini recipes, concert tickets, bills and a bunch of flyers and business cards from people trying to sell The Beef another motorcycle. There's also our flea market find bread box that just may be the beefs pride and joy. 

This right here is my favorite part of the kitchen, not only does it have my heavenly double sink and my amazing coffe maker but the giant window that look out into the woods that I have lined with joy inciting randomness. 

Pork and beans hanging out with the self esteem busting gnome who is forever band from bathrooms. 

Music box/decanter gnome, nothing is cooler.

Wind up and go penguin salt and pepper shakers. 

Continuing in a circle we have the door that leads to the 3 season room, my favorite Norman Rockwell pictures and the infamous red cookie tin that my grandmother always had filled with treats. Me? Not so much, but when I do make cookies that's where they go. 

Continuing on you can see our floating counter, exotic spices (not really) and stove with the worlds most boring kettle, I've been meaning to replace that. 

Underneath the floating cabinet The Beef built a shelf so I could store all of my "omg I can't live without these" appliances. Belgian waffle iron, crock pot, electric skillet, george foreman grill, mini blends, juicer, gigantic stock pots, and various baking dishes. 

If you were to continue to turn in a circle you would find the hub of our daily lives, we cannot survive without this calendar. Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, The Beef would probably do alright without it, I on the other hand would crumble up and die.
And here's a look inside the freezer: [This is not an entirely accurate depiction of what we have because I desperately need to go grocery shopping.]
Plenty of ice, pizza rolls because The Beef LOVES snacks, some frozen veggies and juice that I made in the juicer and froze because it is so much more awesome than juice from the store.

The freezer door contains lots of fresh steam veggies and frozen yogurt. 

Welcome to condiment central on our refrigerator door when you will find multiples of mustard, ketchup, salad dressing and mayo. 

This is possibly the worst picture I have ever taken, I apologize profusely. 
Here in the fridge, aside from the fact that I need to go to the grocery store you can see and that we've recently had people over (hence the soda), eggs, 1 beer (there's a beer fridge in the other room, yuck), cream cheese, salsa, pickles <3, lots of yogurt, fresh jug of raspberry iced tea, fake eggs, chicken, more pickles, left over veggie meatloaf, juice, milk, left over garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli slaw and coffee that I'm waiting to cool down.

I say yuck to the beer because I am allergic. Since The Beef has his desginated spot for alochol it's only fair that I would get the same, so I've claimed the bottom drawer for my adult beverages of choice.  

Don't judge me.

So what does your kitchen look like? Am I the only one in desperate need of a grocery shop?

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