Oooohhh Yeeeeeeaheh

The longer something is in your life the more you are likely to become attached to it. So it's probably fair to say that 17 years would form one heck of an attachment. It all started when I was 11 years old I was on a youth group retreat and some of the older kids had hooked up speakers to their discman.
How old do you feel?

From the tiny crackly speakers came an amazing sound. Whatever it was these boys were obsessed with it and played the album all weekend long. It wasn't until the drive home that I had the courage to ask what they were listening too. I think the answer changed my life.

Up until that point in my life I can't remember what music I ever chose to listen to on my own. I know that my mother's love of the beach boys and my fathers love of Elton John and Billy Joel shaped my musical preferences but this is the first time I remember hearing something on my own and deciding that I liked it. 

When I got home from that trip I begged my mother to take me to the store so I could buy a cassette tape (don't judge me) and there it was at Kmart of all places. She didn't want to me buy it based on the cover art but I payed with my allowance so she didn't get much of a say.

I soon became obsessed, an obsession that has only grown through out the years.

And it's not just because in my opinion that this man is god:

Metallica songs have had a way of finding me at the perfect time in my life, because of this my attachment has grown. Even though the band was formed a few years before I was born I feel like we've grown up together, over coming obstacles, awkward trying to figure out who we are stages, and finally getting it right. 

I bring this up because I'm lucky enough to be going to see them this weekend for what will be the 6th & 7th time and I could not be more excited about it. 

Once upon a time The Beef and I were getting ready to go to sleep, listening to music and shooting the shit when he said "It's crazy that the 2 biggest Metallica fans I know are in this bed and I'm not the biggest". 

It's an an absolutely amazing love to share.

So what about you, who are your musical obsessions? 

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  1. Ohhh I love me some Metallica too!

    I'd have to say my musical obsession is, strangely enough, between Damien Rice and Hank Williams Jr. Damien's music just reaches in and pulls out my soul, I swear. And well, I've been a Hank fan for as long as I can remember <3