Something Important I forgot to tell you.

So before I vanished from my blog the last thing I posted was about how James Hetfield is God and I was on my way to see Metallica again. I'm not here to do a festival review, I had a great time, rocked my face off as always, but something different happened this time.

Something that months later I still don't have proper words for and I may never be able to describe how this event really made me feel.

I got THISCLOSE to Him...

 Seriously, I was right there. I'll try my best to explain how this happened though I still feel star struck all this time later.

The Beef and I arrived to the festival just after it opened and decided to wander around and see what there was to see. A big tent with classic cars and motorcycles caught our eye so we headed that way. The beef made a beeline for the motorcycles and I got curious about a big crowed that had gathered around the cars so I called him over and we started towards the crowd.

Just as we reached it there was a break in the mass of people and I was able  to see what the fuss was about. James Hetfield was touring the classic cars. My reaction? Complete body shut down. No moving, no blinking, no breathing. I snapped out of it a few a few seconds and found the ability to breath, and shake like a leaf and tear up, but I still wasn't able to get my feet moving or find words other than "uhhhh uhhhh ummm uhhh".

The Beef making fun of me snapped me out of it and I approached the crowd. The nice thing about being a girl at a metal show is that you're pretty small in comparison to the other attendees and over the years I've gotten really good at squirming through crowds to get to the front of things. Which is how I ended up close enough to reach out and touch.

In the 15 minutes I was basking in his glory I took about a million pictures, the one above actually happens to be my favorite which upon first glance probably seems an odd choice. Just take a look at the face he's making; lips, pulled in, cheeks slightly puffed out. I call this face the BearMouth. Don't ask me why, for whatever reason my weird little brain decided that that's what it is called. It happens to be a face I'm very familiar with because The Beef makes it at me all the time.

Just when I thought I couldn't love either of them anymore...

*dreamy sigh* 

Anyway, what about you, ever spazzed out because of a famous person? 

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