I'm going to gush a little bit today because I'm in the mood. I'm sure you've noticed but I'm quite fond of the The Beef. Recently at work I've been sharing a few choice pictures of him and I feel like a small fan club has formed among my coworkers. His I don't care, I'm having fun attitude can pretty much win anyone over and the fact that he's easy on the eyes probably doesn't hurt.

So here we go, some favorite memories of the my favorite person ever:

Ever the captain of fashion, when The Beef gets cold he puts basket ball shorts OVER his pajama pants.

Hunting cap, jacket, bathrobe, basket ball shorts and pajama pants are the homeless chic look for venturing outside at night.

The pajama pants, loving referred to as "the dews" are so much of a favorite that they even come swimming with him.

And when they're in the wash sometimes my pajama pants get stolen. 

No shave November means the beard that I adore is getting fuller. 

I fee like this picture sums up his personality perfectly.

He's the kind of amazing person who will win me a prize at a fair and then drive home with it strapped to his chest on the motorcycle. 

He'll let me take pictures like this of him in public.

"Nuff said.

He won the biggest fish of the year trophy and looked awesome accepting is award. 

Yeah...I like him. :)

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