Thankful Tuesday!

Alright, round 3! I hope your Thanksgiving plans are finalized.

November 14: 
Books. What's not to love about something that allows you to spend time in another world while expanding your vocabulary? 

November 15:
Music. Sometimes you just don't have the ability to express yourself, music never seems to fail me.

November 16:
Writing. Just the simple act of getting thoughts out there, be it for your eyes only or the world. If I didn't have the ability to write I don't know who I would be.

November 17:
Bubble baths, now that I don't have a bathtub I am fully aware of how much they mean to me.

November 18:
Water, and not just clean drinking water that so many in the world have to go without, but living by a lake. Something about the water soothes me and makes me feel complete.

November 19:
Facebook. Without that annoying little social networking tool I wouldn't have the slightest clue what any of my cousins who I love with all my soul were up to. My ability to keep in touch with people is embarrassingly pitiful. It's not for lack of caring, more like social awkwardness.

November 20:
Digital cameras. So many memories have been lost and forgotten due to lack of documentation or rolls of film going undeveloped. Having a camera around almost constantly helps preserve memories that may have blown away with the sands of time.

And what are you thankful for? 

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