Thankful Tuesday!

Round 4 this is the last sha-bang!
November 21: 
My cellphone. It's extremely materialistic but the truth is without it I would be lost, it is my line of communication with the world, my day planner, phone book, camera, source of entertainment and a really great distraction in awkward situations.

November 22:
The Beef's beard, it's amazing and it gets more amazing by the day. It is all that is man and if he wasn't so damn wonderful I might just pack up and run away with it.

November 23:
My creativity/crafyness, the ability to make something nifty from random things is not something every one can do, I am grateful that I was lucky enough to have that gift.

November 24:
My friends, the people who have broken though my shell to find the real me, the ones I can laugh with and kill time with. The ones who come to me for advice or value my two cents. The ones who recognize my crappy attempts at keeping in touch as a personality flaw not a malicious act against them. The ones with whom it feels as though nothing as changed no matter how much times goes by.

November 25:
My family. I come from a very large group of people who all happen to be wonderful in their own special ways. Despite distance or lack of contact, whenever we get together I find myself instantly feeling at home.

November 26:
The Big Cheese, my father, the man who bestowed upon me an insane work ethic, an fabulous sense of humor and an intense love of tacky Christmas decorations.

November 27:

My brother, evil little stinker that he is, having him in my life has helped shaped who I am and opened up my eyes to behind the scenes looks at walks of life I wouldn't otherwise be privy to.

I'm just going to jump ahead and finish out the month because I'm already in Christmas Mode.

November 28:

My bitches, they know who they are. A very special group of the finest women you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting, Without whom I may have lost my sanity over the last few years.

November 29:
My mother, she's gone from caregiver, to arch nemesis, to friend. She's always there when I need her  no matter the reason. Sounding board for social issues, work questions, craft projects, etc.

November 30:
Last, but most certainly not least is The Beef. My best friend, my partner in crime, my favorite person in the entire world. Without him my world would be so much less colorful, far less interesting and not nearly as balanced.

I really enjoyed doing this and to be honest I could have gone on a lot longer. I truly am a blessed individual. 
And what are you thankful for? 


  1. You ARE blessed! It sounds like you have some awesome people in your life. :) And I'm totally with you on the phone thing. It's almost panic attack inducing when I leave home without it.

  2. I love my bitches too, especially you, dollface <3 MWAH!