Halloween Recap

So I wasn't around these blog parts for Halloween but I thought I would share my Halloween experiences with you just the same. A few days before I raided my mothers basement for whatever halloween decorations my father had left behind and then hit up the dollar store to supplement the spooky stuff.
Growing up we always decorated the front lawn much to the delight of the trick-or-treaters and this is something I've always wanted to continue but until now I haven't lived in a place where that was possible. I'd heard about the approaching storm and figured Halloween would probably be cancelled for the 2nd year in a row but I didn't care. I also knew that I do not live on a road that is going to see a single child begging for candy but I didn't care. I finally had some outside space and I was going to make use of it. Here are the results:

A front view of our pumpkins, The Beef opting for Batman face while I went with a modified Jack Skellington. 

Pumpkins all lit up.

Due to storm damage tick or treating was cancelled on local road with our town opting to hold it on the town green instead. The facility where I work also hosted trick or treating and all of the different units had a theme that they decorated for. My unit was "under the sea" and it was really great looking with pictures of sea life everywhere, streamers, stuffed animals, etc. They really went all out and did a great  job. 

For the first time ever I didn't have a halloween costume for work, so during the course of the night I ended up decorating myself so I would fit into the theme.

Streamers on the pig tails, foam sea horses in the hair, fishy stick on for the ear.

I even decorated the hair streamers with more foam sea life for extra fun.

My residents got a big kick out of it and I know the staff did too because I was encouraged to do it again the following evening. It's Halloween, there is no room to take yourself seriously.

So, how was your Halloween?

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