What I've been holding back.

On August 24, 2013 The Beef and I did in fact get married without a hitch.

On September 6, 2013 we went on our honeymoon.

I haven't mentioned ANY of this on the blog yet!

But why?

Honestly, I have two very valid reasons.
1) I really needed a wedding detox.

2) I wanted to update with pictures and I don't have the professional ones back yet 
(but I've seen some of them and they are AMAZING)

I promise though that you'll get both stories eventually, I'll start with the honeymoon because that's the part I was most looking forward to anyway and I do have all the pictures from that adventure.

I also promise that I will post about all the DIY stuff I did for the wedding. My original intention was to post about it while I was doing it but I feel like once you see how much I did in the time span of three months while working 50hrs a week you'll understand that it wasn't feasible.

So big things are coming this way and on top of that fall is here which always means more adventures. :D

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