How exciting!

I'm going to attempt a more obnoxious picture when I get my new phone case. 

Oh hey look at this, you get a bonus entry today! :)

A while back I started linking up for #iPPP and I really enjoyed it because it allowed me to connect with some really great bloggers that I still follow and read up on, even when I don't bother to comment.

I felt a tiny bit like a fraud though because apparently iPPP stands for iPhone Photo Phun and I've always had a droid.

The Beef has always been obsessed with his iphone and I've always delighted in making fun of that. My favorite phone in the entire world was the Incredible 2 because it did exactly what I wanted it too all the time, it never confused me and it had a really cool name. Sadly a few months back after a long and happy life it started to kick the bucket so I went out and replaced it with a Galaxy S3 and I just hated it, it was too big, had no battery life, a shotty keyboard and didn't function the way I wanted it to.

Then all of a sudden I decided to be an adult and remove myself from the family plan I've been on since I was 16 years old and strike it out on my own. That's seriously expensive though for reasons I just cannot understand and suddenly it made perfect sense to just jump on The Beef's cell phone plan because it would only cost me half as much money.

Why haven't I done this sooner? Well, he's on a different provider and I felt loyal to mine, probably because of advertising brainwashing. Also, I knew if we were on the same provider I'd end up being talked into an iphone. I don't really care, it was just more the principle of the matter since we had our in home iphone/droid battle that was kind of fun.

So here we go, my first actual legit iPPP.

And due to some major stupidity on my part that will be fixed shortly I only have 1 picture on my phone, but I think it's worth a post all it's own.

I don't care that I'm being a dick and he's letting me know it, look at those peepers *swoon*
Behold! An extremely well deserved "you are being a total muggance" face because I absolutely was. This is now the background on my phone because he set it that way and I haven't quite gotten around to customizing anything yet, maybe I should keep it as a reminder to myself.



  1. At this point I'm also still making fun of my daughter's iphone obsession, but as soon as the contract for my BlackBerry is up I'm getting one myself - because Instagram :)

    1. I was able to Instagram with my droid but if I hadn't I probably would have switched sooner! :)

  2. You'll love your new iPhone!!! It's the best :) And I agree with the cell phone plans being completely's pretty ridiculous.

    1. I haven't found anything to hate about it so far!

  3. Haha! He set it as your background. That's hilarious. I have had a droid for the last several years, and if that's wrong, I don't want to be right. ;) Glad to have you back, Button!

    1. I'll always have droid love!

      Thanks so much! :D