Autumn in New England

I've probably mentioned this a million times but Autumn is my absolute favorite season ever. Living in New England means that we get the very best that Autumn has to offer. The following are some pictures of those very things that made up just one glorious Autumn afternoon. 

Snuggling in snuggies & bathrobes because it's colder now but you're not ready to light a fire.

Apple Orchard Shenanigans

Apple picking: why are the trees so short?


Fresh apples means it's time for pie! Bonus points when it's baked by the love of your life. *swoon*

Bonus points when the wife (me) comes along and decorates the pie with little hearts.
Minus points when she decides to deface the pie with her trash mouth.

When the pie comes out all crumbly just slap some ice cream on it and no one is the wiser!

How do you like to spend your time during the best season of the year?

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