The Friday Five

Today I thought I would just do a run down of the top five things that I'm into right now. No theme, nothing specific, just whatever happens to be floating my boat at the moment. 

I'm not sure why but apparently the 6 year old inside of me is trying to come out because all I want to drink these days is fruit punch. Oddly enough I think this came about from using fruit punch as a mixer with my vodka on our honeymoon.

Our couple friends discovered this on netflix and gave The Beef and me a heads up that we might enjoy it. Since we rarely watch TV and The Beef needed to attempt to fill the void that Breaking Bad left in his life we decided to give it a shot. One week later we are halfway through season 2 and The Beef can't stop doing Rumplestiltskin impressions around the house.

I think this is probably a given every time autumn rolls around but I just can't help it, I feel like such a badass lumberjack every time I wear plaid.

I wasn't even sure about putting this one on here because it kind of seems like a cop out but at the same time I've been hitting you with a lot of pumpkin stuff lately so it would be foolish not to include it.

P.S. That is a batman snuggie behind me.
Whatever the noise is that accompanies this face. You know that clicking sound you make with your mouth? I don't know how it started but I absolutely cannot stop doing it. This is only made worse by the fact that the people I take care of at work seem positively delighted by it. Maybe I'm turning into a 1920's gangster?

So what about you, what gets your motor running this time of year?

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