Think Before You Speak

I've seen the above image or one quite similar to it on pinterest all over the place for about as long as I've been using the site. The concept of thinking before you speak isn't something new, it was something my mother tried to hammer into my brain from the moment I was born. I can't imagine that I am alone in this.

When we first got engaged everyone's first question was "did you set a date yet". Honestly, it's none of their business but most people don't know what to say after congratulations and it's somehow become socially acceptable to pry for the sake of small talk.

 I this case I find the habit more annoying than offensive but that's just me. 

However, once you get married this somehow makes it alright for people to pry even further and in this instance I do find it offensive.

"So when are you having kids?" Is without a doubt the question I've gotten the most since married, I tried to keep track how many times I've been asked but I lost count around 534.

I don't know when it became alright to discuss such a private matter but it needs to stop.

"So when are you having kids?"  - What a loaded question. 

Asked to me by people I barely know, some I would hardly consider acquaintances. 

I understand that most people don't mean any harm by asking this question. They might not even actually be curious, just making conversation.

But just think for one minute, how would you feel during this conversation?

You: "So when are you having kids?"
Other person: "What makes you think that I can?"

Think about that next time you're just trying to make small talk.

The National Infertility Association 

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