This is Halloween

Ready or not, Halloween is coming, and fast! We've already decorated the homestead for our own amusement since no one ever comes trick or treating in our neck of the woods. I'm happy to know the neighbors appreciate it though. I thought I would share what we've done with the place. 

We decided to go a little fancy with the pumpkins this year and found 2 ways go about it. 1) Top hand and monocle skeleton. 2) Glossy black and artsy drilled holes. 

Greetings!! I love this because since we are the first house on the road he waves at everyone who drives by.
Nothing like some arm bone garland to brighten you day. 

Boo! *jazz hands*

The reaper scares me whenever I go outside because the wind ALWAYS kicks up and I see him moving out of the corner of my eye. I think the skull in the birdcage is a nice touch.

Paper lanterns, severed foot in the flower pot and some pumpkin friends.
It's ok if your arm falls off, just hold on to it for a while. 

Well hello there. This guy stares me down as I'm fumbling with my keys to unlock the front door. 

No seriously, the house is in complete disarray.

So what about you?
Any Halloween decorations?
Do you get people begging for candy at your house?

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