Taking invading my personal space to a whole new level

I arrived home from a long hard day at work last night to be slapped with the reality that some people don't work for a living, they chose to take from people that do. During the only hour that my house was empty three men seized the opportunity to break in and steal from me.

They entered through my brothers room but ended up finding what they were looking for in my room. Though everyone in the house in understandably shaken by this sever invasion of privacy I can't help but feel targeted because the bulk of the items taken were mine. At this point I'm done being nervous, I'm no longer shaken, I've escalated to extremely pissed off. However, I am grateful that more was not taken, that nothing irreplaceable is gone and no one was physically hurt. I just wish that more people were honest, upstanding citizens.

Thanks to eye witnesses at several residences that were burglarized yesterday the police do have some leads. It would be nice to get my stuff back, but at this point I would rather just see these scumbags taught a lesson. In the mean time I just need to focus on explaining to my hotheaded ex-marine brother that street justice is not the route to take and stop my mother from banning all non residence from the house and putting bars on the windows.

Thanks, assholes.

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