Hello Autumn?

A couple of weeks ago the beef and I decided it was autumn and we should start acting like it so we went on a little adventure.

First stop was to a local orchard where we picked up cider, apples and the oh so heavenly pumpkin butter.

Next we decided to go for a hike at a local state park that has a castle, but along the way we kept seeing signs for this antique tractor show. I'm kind of a tractor nerd so we just had to stop. It was pretty cheesy but I loved the heck out of it.

After getting my fill of tractor cheese we decided we were hungry and happened upon an adorable little road side shack that specializes in gloriously greasy burgers. Certainly not something I would do every day but certainly nice to quell any junk food craving and absolutely excusable right before a hike. Also, they had birch beer, that always clinches the deal for me. ;)

After enjoying our food we headed up to the park for the castle tour. The views of the Connecticut River were amazing.

The castle tour didn't allow flash photography so my pictures all stuck but this one of the outside should be enough to display the awesomness.

Once that was over we decided to go exploring the grounds. We didn't get terribly far because the weather decided it wasn't quite fall after all and my sweater was suddenly impractical. Also I had some clunky shoes on that look like they might but good for hiking but that is a lie. Still it was fun to run around the woods with the beef and take silly pictures.

It really was a perfect not quite fall day. :)

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